Mystical Musings

Shifting Paradigms…and MONOPOLY

We, as a society are gravitating towards more gentle and compassionate paths. We’re continuously re-evaluating the paradigms and expectations that no longer inspire a positive viewpoint, and we’re bravely letting go of all that seems a bit archaic in contrast to what can be. 

Last night we, as a family, chose to play Monopoly. I was never a great fan of the game as a child, and was quite happy to decline participation whenever I could. But, as an adult, I accepted it as a great tool for family bonding. Stories of comical Monopoly-drama continue to be told through the decades and generations. So, last night, I joyfully jumped into the experience, fully ready to enjoy, appreciate, and honor the experience.

On the surface I went along with all that was expected of me. I half-heartedly negotiated for properties, trying to get the upper hand. I paid excruciating rents while watching only one person dominate the board. I watched other players focus upon their acquisitions, with delight and fervor OR concern and apprehension. And, I watched people’s inner demons sparkle and shine for just a split second every now and then.


This was once America’s favorite pastime???????

I never looked at Monopoly with fresh eyes before. I always saw it as “great family fun”. BUT…………I now fully and completely see it as a tool to Feed and Train a world of mini-consumerism-minions to fight their way through a structured and form-filled world!!!!!!!    

We believed that owning properties, getting paid, hitting a lucky streak, becoming broke, and selling off your properties was all a ‘normal’ aspect of Life and Society. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not.  It is all an empty and fruitless illusion!!!!!!!!

Now, I must tell you that I didn’t see any of this until I broke away from the table and began to walk away. I always tell my clients and students, “watch how your energy feels when you step away from an experience”. My energy was deeply deflated, off, and guarded. I still felt defensive, as if Life had been sucked from me.

In the game, I followed the ancient paradigm of order and conformity. But when I stepped away, I saw clearly!!!! “Monopoly” perfectly represents and promotes the harsh, relentless, and cold survival frequency that once served our society!!!!! I am no longer at home in that energy, and I am fully grateful that it’s heyday in american culture has come and gone!!!!

Our societal paradigm has shifted to more supportive, compassionate, and loving frequencies!!!!!!!!!!!!! We no longer thrive in and blindly accept consumerism as our path!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Today is a day to recognize that we are no longer who we once were!!! We, as a society, have grown and evolved!!!! And we continue to do so daily.

Be faithful dear ones!!! Greater LOVE and PEACE is most certainly our new destiny!!!

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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