Channeled Messages

Shifting Belief Systems

Every bit of the personal world we now know today…has been woven together in its unique way…by the countless choices we make each day.   Each thought, action, and reaction creates an experience…and that single experience weaves together to create our reality If we would like to shift or transform that reality in any way…we must begin… Continue reading Shifting Belief Systems


“You Are Divine Consciousness”

You are the Programmer of all you see, believe, and know!!   You are the Designer of your reality.....and you are the BEAUTY of all you design!! You are Divine Source expressing yourSelf freely!! Blast through that state of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS that teaches us to be insignficant, inferior, or imperfect in any way!! Embrace the… Continue reading “You Are Divine Consciousness”

Affirmations and Invocations


Dear Spirit......I Passionately Fly Freely and Effortlessly Into The Realms of Undeniable Infinite Potential Today!!   I Confidently KNOW What It Is That I Most Wish To Energize, Participate In, Create and Birth. My Heart Soars Into WHOLENESS Within MySelf....Accepting all BLESSINGS That Can Be. Only TRUTH ~ BEAUTY ~ and AWARENESS Blossoms Radiantly Within Me.… Continue reading Wholeness

Channeled Messages

Shifting Old Patterns of Self-Sacrifice

I make great efforts in my life to walk my walk most genuinely.    I could never encourage another to "Be Light" unless I am willing and able to embrace that same potential truth for myself. So.........I stand in great awareness and self-reflection when my body tightens up in response to a seeming disrespect and… Continue reading Shifting Old Patterns of Self-Sacrifice

Expanding Consciousness

Seeing Beyond The Illusion

Do you also find that you need reminders of the Sacred Teachings that you've already embraced many times in the past?!?!    The fog of forgetfulness (an inherent aspect of our 3-dimensional earth life) can capture our attention whenever we allow it to.    We can easily step into victimhood, limitation, and separation whenever we… Continue reading Seeing Beyond The Illusion

Mystical Musings

Inner Focus ~ A BeTheLight Podcast

Blessings…my beautiful brothers and sisters!!! We are in an unprecedented time of Divine Awakening and Heart Expansion on this earth realm!!  Many of us are stepping into greater Self Awareness and Empowerment than every dreamt of….and we are beginning to recognize how vital to and entwined in the ever-flowing tapestry of LIFE we are!! We are ready… Continue reading Inner Focus ~ A BeTheLight Podcast

Mystical Musings

Silent Reflection

My heart soars into countless journeys that often bring playful adventure, joyful laughter, and soulful comraderie.   But.......this heart yearns for the precious gift of Silent Reflection!! Just a few moments ago...a magically perfect full moon began to rise above the northern foothills of Maine and reflect upon the glass-like waters of Rangeley Lake.… Continue reading Silent Reflection