Mystical Musings

Silent Reflection

My heart soars into countless journeys that often bring playful adventure, joyful laughter, and soulful comraderie.   But…….this evening…… heart yearns for the precious gift of Silent Reflection!!


Just a few moments ago…a magically perfect full moon began to rise above the northern foothills of Maine and reflect upon the glass-like waters of Rangeley Lake.

It’s as if this radiant moon heard the cry of my spirit……and echoed the voice of my soul for me!!    In sweet stillness…I wish to rise higher with each breath…simply allowing my bright spirit to BE all it naturally is.   Whetheranother sees, honors, understands, or supports my beautiful journey….makes no difference to my own perfectly profound trajectory.

I shall shine no matter what fascinating elements present themselves externally!!

Can you hear what I now convey quite subtly??

If (and when) I ever feel a bit lost and insignificant in the reflection of those who surround me……….it is only because I have momentarily forgotten about the natural Light and Wonder that I AM. 💛

The Moon does not rise because it seeks to prove its brilliance or gain external validation.   The beautiful Moon rises because it is in full and absolute alignment with the Universal Flow of Divine Life and Light!!!!!!    In silent reflection….it simply is.

Can I not hold that same innate knowing within my own beautiful self??   Is it not time to effortlessly embody my own greatest Truth….beyond compromise??

Remember……this has nothing to do with any other soul or outside force.     This is all about the ever-fabulous me.    Can “I” be so in love with my own greatest Light……that I naturally AM………without resistance,  compromise, or question?!?!

Dear Spirit…..See my precious soul.   Hear my precious cry.   Remind me of who I most brilliantly am!!!  Let me find my inner-source of Sacred Balance.    Let me bow down no more to the expectations and bounds-of-comfort others may have for me and my journey.  I am sovereign, divine, and in perfect alignment with all that most genuinely honors my Bright Spirit!!!!!    Within mySelf….I AM WHOLE!!!

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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