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Shifting Old Patterns of Self-Sacrifice

I make great efforts in my life to walk my walk most genuinely. I could never encourage another to “Be Light” unless I am willing and able to embrace that same potential truth for myself.

So, I stand in great awareness and self-reflection when my body tightens up in response to a seeming disrespect and injustice. For weeks I have been challenging myself to “Be Light” in the midst of some chaotic, drama-filled experiences. And, I successfully navigated through each one with a bright smile and very little internal discord.

But, I’ve definitely missed something on this journey of discovery. I am now noticing that it takes very little to trigger that pent up feeling of disrespect and injustice. I didn’t actually deal with it or rise above to a higher point of view, even though I tried. Peace only prevailed upon the surface.

I have placed great focus upon honoring my Self these last few days. My spirit is soaring once again and I’m truly feeling like my expansive all-empowered Self. 

And yet, I was triggered once again by an unbelievably small action of another a few minutes ago.    

My reaction is far too intense for what was genuinely shared. My muscles are now tightened up, I’m naturally breathing slow and deep, I can hear the blood pulsing in my head, and silent tears are welling up in the corners of my eye without ever flowing.

Why is this reaction so intense??  It’s fully nonsensical.  And yet, here it is.

Please help me, Dear Spirit, to find true and deep PEACE within my being, at all levels. I free myself from all past insecurities, expectations, and judgments. I stand strong in the knowing that I am whole and complete within my Self.

Dear One, you are always trying to be the ‘strongest you’ you can be. But strength does not come from denying the expression of your beautiful Self. Do you not remember these words of wisdom:

‘Truth should never be hidden, only shared with Love.’

How often have you lovingly expressed the authentic truth of your heart recently?? How often did you assume responsibility for that which wasn’t yours to take on??   

You have voluntarily piled responsibility upon responsibility on top of your beautiful self, with caring intentions. But beneath that pile of extraordinary weight, how easy is it to still honor the VOICE of your bright spirit!?!?

You have placed your own personal comfort and benefit behind the comfort and benefit of another, and then built up silent resentment for being placed in that situation.

This is a very OLD pattern for you!! It has come to the surface in perfect time.

Because you now choose to shift the reaction your body embraces, healing can take place!!

The actions of others never had any hold over you. It is only your reaction that has created every comfort and discomfort. 

Congratulations!! Once again, your spirit soars to welcome greater insight and awareness. You are awakening!! Peace is yours to embrace. 

I can feel the shift within my body. I can feel this pattern of limited thinking, going back countless years and lifetimes, beginning to heal itself.

I am grateful for all that is shared and for the beauty that now awaits.

© Alania Starhawk 2015

8 thoughts on “Shifting Old Patterns of Self-Sacrifice”

    1. I feel it!!! I’m shining bright once again!!! This is how I learn, remember, and evolve. I’m so thankful that I’m not doing any of it alone. ♥ ♥ ♥ LOVE YOU!!!!

  1. You always share so much about your journey to light. I too am frequently horrified at my reactions. Reactions that I think I should no longer experience. Of course these reactions all take place within… one sees them, but I can then turn against my own self in judgement or just take notice. I truly believe that just being aware is the only thing that I can do. When I really get into trouble is when I judge my reactions. Thank you for sharing so intimately. It means so much to me to read your writings.

    1. Gretchen……I can always sense how pure and authentic your spirit is!!! Thank you so much for all you generously share!! For so long…my natural instinct was always to be silent and unseen. But now it’s so natural for me to be candid….that I forget how brave it is as well. Thanks for reminding me how far i’ve come!! 💛 I love you!!

      1. Gretchen…..we each hold such LOVE in our hearts!!!! My prayer today is that all KNOW this perfect, all-encompassing, all-accepting LOVE toooooooo!!!!!!

        I so deeply honor you!!! Thank you for your ever-flowing kindness!! You tooooooooo….are God’s LOVE manifest!!

    2. I’m also trying very hard to step more fully into Self-Love and Self-Acceptance. I think that will minimize all of the sub-conscious judging we both entertain at times. 😉 I understand you completely!!!

      1. Dear Alania, I often stroke my own forehead when I judge myself. And I say silently or aloud if no one is present ‘you are loved and you are just fine my dear one.’ It does help me.

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