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With Eyes Wide Open ~ A BeTheLight Podcast


Blessings…my beautiful brothers and sisters!!! We are in an unprecedented time of Divine Awakening and Heart Expansion on this earth realm!!  Many of us are stepping into greater Self Awareness and Empowerment than every dreamt of….and we are beginning to recognize how vital to and entwined in the ever-flowing tapestry of LIFE we are!!

We are ready to walk with a compassionate heart…….and BE THE LIGHT of inspiriation and hope!!

wpid-wp-1440252411718.jpegIn this episode of BE THE LIGHT with Alania Starhawk…we ask for Clarity in our lives….as we look beyond the veil of illusion and limitation.

Enjoy dear ones!!   You are greatly loved!!

Source: BE THE LIGHT with Alania Starhawk ~ With Eyes Open 08/31 by BeTheLightRadio | Spirituality Podcasts

2 thoughts on “With Eyes Wide Open ~ A BeTheLight Podcast”

  1. Thank you Alania for this beautiful podcast. I was uplifted and will carry the energy throughout my day. I often feel disconnected and your words…energy took me to a deep place within. Many blessings, Gretchen


    1. Sweet Gretchen…I know that we are connected on the higher realms. Truly!! But….you always reach deep into my spirit….and have me wishing that I could just wrap my arms around you. ♥ I know that it’s crazy to cling to the physical…but i adore a great hug. And I’m pretty sure that you give great ones!!! Lol

      Thank YOU for all you are!!!!!!!! I honor you!!!

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