Expanding Consciousness

Healing Naturally with the Akashic Field of Light

On an unseen vibration of infinite potential, lies an ever-flowing river of truth and knowledge. It exists beyond the frequency of space and time, and holds information that can assist us in understanding the great tapestry of Life.

As all experience unfolds itself in infinitesimal complexity, an impression of that experience is naturally recorded into this Akashic Field of Light. From the beginning of all Life, it has always been.

This means that no knowledge is ever lost.  

With the purest of love and focused intention, I can access the information encoded within this field of Light, to bring greater clarity and understanding to your soul’s journey. This will bring ancient patterns and beliefs to the surface, allowing us to heal all that may be in imbalance or disharmony.

At times we question the value of our own voice because we forget that lifetimes ago we were persecuted for speaking freely. That experience is old and detached from today’s experience, but our body is still reacting to that past traumatic experience on a subconscious level. By bringing awareness and remembrance to the greater truth, we often HEAL that past experience and FREE OURSELVES to live as we choose in this moment.

These subconscious memories create a fundamental view of reality and are often guiding our current thoughts and actions in many unseen ways.

By journeying into the Akashic Field of Light for greater clarity, insight, and awareness, we can bring compassionate healing to any original imbalance or disharmony that might be. We can also awaken the remembrance of being empowered and resourceful.

We can also bring greater understanding to complex relationships in this lifetime. As we unveil the past truths and experiences, it expands our understanding of this current moment and gives us the tools and knowledge to make choices that best serve us now.

I have witnessed incredible moments of healing as bright souls are offered an opportunity to remember their personal tale in detail. I see their eyes sparkle with joy as they personally identify with all that has been shared. I also watch their bodies physically release lifetimes of irrational concern and worry because they finally understand the bigger picture!

Sometimes we discover information and truth that empowers and ignites the spirit, and sometimes we discover information that finally brings understanding to our current patterns and beliefs.  

I work closely with the Akashic Guardians of Light to ensure that only that which is of the highest vibration of truth flows gracefully into each experience.

Together, we can effortlessly CLEAR old thought patterns, BALANCE Karmic Relationships, and BRING AWARENESS to your accepted core beliefs!   

To begin your healing journey into Conscious Freedom, Self-Empowerment and Awareness, please visit my Intuitive Healing Sessions page.

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