Envisioning LOVE on 9/11

Awareness is key!! 

Let me begin by saying that…ALL WEEK LONG I have been noticing the Separation that everyone places between themselves and ‘others’.  This ‘they’ mentality is almost overwhelming…everywhere I turn.   It’s even coming from the mouths of many spiritual leaders in our community.

I’ve been silently watching blame and egoic righteousness guide the thoughts and words of some,,,while others use collective labels and names to differentiate between this human being and another.

And…… I sit here thinking about how to bring healing to 9/11 (as i do each year)……………I realize that by bringing AWARENESS to the everyday world and experiences WE ARE A PART OF…we may begin to initiate healing on a greater scale!!!!!

It’s up to us!!  Look for the best in each soul you meet.  Sense a pure heart….endeavoring to navigate through this journey the best they can.  Offer a loving perspective….without attachment to outcome….to perhaps seed a more positive pattern of communication.   And….


Truly beautiful people are continuously holding prayers of Love in their heart…..and then participating in many lower frequency experiences (out of habit or ignorance).  I myself am most certainly included at times (humbly so).  So there is no judgment or blame here.   Only AWARENESS of how it most genuinely is!!

Let YOU and ME step into the Heart of Divine Consciousness and ENVISION A WORLD AT PEACE today and every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please don’t republish the horror stories of 9/11 anymore!!  Those stories keep us trapped in sadness, anger, fear, and victimhood. If you wish to honor all that took place………………..ENVISION HANDS UNITING ACROSS THE GLOBE!!!!!!! And then…just perhaps….we will eliminate this paradigm of catastrophe from recreating itself once again.


Only we can!!!!! ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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