Loving Those In Shadowed Spaces

In this often complicated's important to recognize that many radiant souls have a difficult time trusting the Light that flows through their own spirit!!   Nothing can negate or diminish that true force of Divine Presence...ever.   But each soul has the right to trust their own Light for guidance and direction...or to trust… Continue reading Loving Those In Shadowed Spaces

Mystical Musings

A World Without “Words”

In meditation last night...Spirit encouraged me to envision a world without "words".   I began to see each soul conveying greater truth through eye contact and compassionate touch.   I began to see a world birthing their experience through Love.  Be aware!!   Are we allowing "words" to create distance between us....or are we using… Continue reading A World Without “Words”

Mystical Musings

The Beauty of An Unmarked Path

We had just arrived in Sedona, AZ the evening before...and this was our first vortex visit and hiking expedition.   We drove up to the Airport Mesa Vortex site....but the parking area was full.   So we continued on to the top of the mountain.   At the top...there was a beautiful overlook.   But… Continue reading The Beauty of An Unmarked Path


Thunder Mountain…and Me

What a gift it can be. To stand in true awe and amazement of the magnificence that surrounds you. To feel your heart expand instantly in the majesty that presents itself.  To know that this place, this space, this time is absolutely perfect, for you!! The universe called me to this exact moment, and awakened… Continue reading Thunder Mountain…and Me

Mystical Musings

Living With Purpose ~ A BeTheLight Podcast

Blessings…my beautiful brothers and sisters!!! We are in an unprecedented time of Divine Awakening and Heart Expansion on this earth realm!!  Many of us are stepping into greater Self Awareness and Empowerment than every dreamt of….and we are beginning to recognize how vital to and entwined in the ever-flowing tapestry of LIFE we are!! We are ready… Continue reading Living With Purpose ~ A BeTheLight Podcast

Affirmations and Invocations

“Be The One!!”

you are the ONE... to bring change to light the world to ignite creativity to feed a soul to brave new paths to welcome divine flow to sense deep truth  to embrace it all you are the ONE... to BE the One as only YOU can be ♥ © Alania Starhawk 2015