Thunder Mountain…and Me

What a gift it can be. To stand in true awe and amazement of the magnificence that surrounds you. To feel your heart expand instantly in the majesty that presents itself.  To know that this place, this space, this time is absolutely perfect, for you!!

The universe called me to this exact moment, and awakened my Soul at every level of conscious BEing.

I see!! I see!! I see!! This……is real!! This……is life!! This…….is me!!

On a recent visit to Sedona, we set out to explore the Dry Creek Canyon Trail. However, we never did journey beyond the magical MESA that lifted us just high enough to feel at One with all that surrounded us in every direction. It wasn’t far from the parking area, and yet it was a world of its’ own.

It existed on a different dimensional frequency than that which was logical and form-filled. It allowed me to sense the beauty, the power, and the timelessness of all that flowed, without connecting to any use of words or organized thought patterns. It all was intrinsically PERFECT, and no words could justly express that with integrity.

Thunder Mountain is the Guardian of this mesa, this energetic portal of Light. He sits stoically to my right, appearing unyielding and impenetrable to those who look with only physical sight. But, if he grants you permission to see with clear sight and knowing, each shadow lifts, each crevice opens, each rock formation speaks!!!  

On top of that magical mesa…………………..I was embraced by the WONDER of timeless Truth!!


While remaining as Aware as can be in such a moment, my whole Body and Spirit began to freely and joyfully DANCE in the midst of it all!! Spiraling and twisting with Ancient Guardians, Universal Source, and Life itself!! In and out, through and through. I was Life and Life was Me!!

All was ONE. All was TRUTH. All was BLISS. All was LOVE.

And suddenly I paused, to logically remind myself “Remember This!!”.

But HOW…………… you take the inexpressible and capture it in memory form??HOW……do you adequately record this unworldly sense of embodied perfection??

In truth, I have only EMOTIONS and still-inexpressible BLISS to take me back there when I choose. Perhaps that’s the charm of such a special gift.

I am forever changed because, “I” got to Dance with the Universe itself!!! ♥

And the human lesson I take with me:

Look beyond that which appears!!!

Find Beauty and Magnificence in all you choose to Dance with!!

In Deep Gratitude and Joyful Wonder,


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