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The Beauty of An Unmarked Path

We had just arrived in Sedona, AZ the evening before…and this was our first vortex visit and hiking expedition.   We drove up to the Airport Mesa Vortex site….but the parking area was full.   So we continued on to the top of the mountain.   At the top…there was a beautiful overlook.   But it was filled with people…and it wasn’t near ‘sacred’ enough to quell the adrenaline that was pumping through my system.

So we spotted a seemingly unimposing trailhead post in the corner….and thought “we’re not getting back in that car without setting foot on a trail!!”

We held no expectations of what would be.   In our logical mind…it was an unmarked path…and we were exploring.

Most naturally….we became entranced with each red rock, each curve of the trail, and each twist of the Juniper.    The scenes were breathtaking as we leisurely strolled down the mountain’s edge.   We were in absolute heaven…..and we had no idea whether this would end just ahead or go on for a day and a half (a little exaggeration).

Somehow we had stepped into the magic of just BEing!!!    

Our awareness was fully engaged with each step and breath.   And this allowed me to be sensitive enough to the shift of energies that appeared.

As a streak of energy moved to my right….I switched perceptions to see (with my third eye) a strong beautiful Native American Guardian step into the path directly in front of us.    

He paused with reverence and asked if we were ready to receive that which was about to be shared.    With agreement from our hearts and spirits….he explained that it’s a dimensional shift in awareness that will allow us to connect to all that awaits.

He then asked me to place my hand out to receive…and in poured the most radiant, power-packed force of golden Light!!    He explained that this would assist us in assimilating to the frequencies on a physical level.   We had both been called to this sacred energy for great purpose!!

Our bodies shivered with this sacred gift….and he moved back to the side in order to allow us passage.   The next step forward felt as though we had pierced a veil of energy and Light!!!   We have been granted access to the purest frequencies and Light that could be!!

How absolutely amazing!!!!!! ♥

I have much to share about all that happened next.   But……..really……….as I find myself back in structured society……my heart dreams of finding another unmarked path!!!

What IF we didn’t need to know where every single path, day, relationship, and experience led??   What IF we were a bit more adventurous…..and allowed for the UNEXPECTED to reveal itself!!    Would we feel more present, involved, and enthusiastic about our unique journeys??

So often we seek the comfort of what comes next.   But then…………..we hold the vision of what comes next in our focus…and miss out on all the magical beauty surrounding us here and now.     

If we don’t know exactly where we’re headed to…..chances are that we’ll be more interactive along the trail!!!   We’re not saving up all of our attention for that end goal.

Well….at least that’s how it worked for me!!

I wish you each a lifetime of joyful discovery!!!

Journey as if Life IS the destination!!! ♥

In Sweet Bliss and Gratitude,


2 thoughts on “The Beauty of An Unmarked Path”

  1. My favorite path…..the path of no name. I reside in the mountains and access to the present moment seems to be more readily available here. I walk in the early morning and the day is cleared ahead for me. I am energized and invigorated in a quiet and soft way. My work is inside so I am next outside walking around 3 in the afternoon. Whatever has stuck to me during the day is swept away during that 2nd walk. Very magical for me.


    1. Gretchen….you paint such a beautiful picture (literally at times) of your daily life. It so inspires me to one day create that experience for myself!!!!! Thank you for sharing your Truth and your Light so powerfully!! 💗 I SEE YOU!!

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