Expanding Consciousness


It's undeniable.   I haven't been my uber-uplifting self these last few days (ummm...even weeks).   I've been striving to be...and there were incredible moments where I absolutely embodied bliss and joy.   But...if I'm being honest...I'll admit that I've spent a lot of time withdrawing from the confusion and chaos of 'society'. I definitely… Continue reading Remembrance

Mystical Musings

“Remind Me Of Who I Am!!”

I'm very aware of how easy it can be to become entwined in the rush of this physical reality.    So many people, places, and things calling our name.   It's very easy to believe that there is where we should be. But....when all slows down for a moment...and only your voice can be heard....are… Continue reading “Remind Me Of Who I Am!!”

Mystical Musings

Human Journeys…and Separation

I know that "saying good-bye" is a human concept.  It appears superfluous and silly from the higher realms of being.  And yet...it is sometimes an important part of our personal journey.  How can I tell myself that I am worthy of only respect and heart-centered kindness...unless I bravely "say good-bye" to those who are able… Continue reading Human Journeys…and Separation