Mystical Musings

“Remind Me Of Who I Am!!”

I’m very aware of how easy it can be to become entwined in the rush of this physical reality.    So many people, places, and things calling our name.   It’s very easy to believe that there is where we should be.

But….when all slows down for a moment…and only your voice can be heard….are you sometimes surprised by the rigmarole that’s in motion??

The energy flowing through you right now is precious!!   And only YOU have the privilege of deciding where that energy and Light will be directed.    Isn’t it time to direct it towards people, places, and things that really truly INSPIRE you!?!?

Dear Spirit…..I wish to AWAKEN MY SOUL to the Beauty, Love, and Power that can be!!    Lift my awareness to the highest of pure heights……and INSPIRE ME!!     Let me remember that each breath is an opportunity to BE…passionately and bravely!!

Dear Spirit……REMIND ME OF WHO I AM!! ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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