Expanding Consciousness

Peace Within…and Throughout

Every now and then I need to remind myself that it has taken me years to evolve my personal state of BEing to one that fully embraces Peace within…and throughout (as often as possible).

It was not always easing choosing PEACE when all appears a bit rushed and chaotic.    But as I started to passionately ‘fight’ for Peace in my own mind….the Peace that I passionately sought became my ever-flowing reality.     The imposing ‘rush of life’ withdrew from my focus….and Joy became my guide.

Now……..my greatest privilege and challenge is in learning to keep that  PEACE flowing throughout my personal world…no matter how entwined I am with those who attract a bit of chaos 24/7!!

It’s important to remind myself that there is no ideal state of BEing!!!   All that comforts another….may be what makes my sensitive spirit shake and run.   But……….my personal experience is NEVER dependent upon outer approval or harmonic resonance!!

Learning to live bravely in PEACE within and throughout……means that you allow every single soul the opportunity to choose their own path….without judgment!!!!!!!!!

Can you do that??

Can you genuinely LOVE every choice and action of another…no matter how ‘chaotic’ it may appear to you!?!?

In truth……our PEACE can only come from within!!

We must be so set in our own personal resolve…..that NO outer force can diminish our peace-filled demeanor.   And……if we are no longer concerned with outer forces (and altering personalities)…we can begin focusing on how to authentically embrace PEACE through every moment of perceived chaos and confusion.

It is irrational (and quite egocentric) to believe that the world will always agree with me and my opinions.    So……today I will remember….there is NO ideal way to be.   The chaos is only perceived!!

I Am Perfectly PEACE-filled In All Moments….and can be no less. ♥

This is my truth!!

This is my truth!!

This is my truth!!

Let. The. Day. Begin.

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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