Mystical Musings

My Force-Field of Light

In more than one of these vast unseen universal realities that are...I'm pretty darn sure that I AM A JEDI...clear and pure!!   The Force and I are ONE evident Truth...and no separation between us can be. When I'm clear...I can recognize that as my REALITY in this human experience as well. sometimes… Continue reading My Force-Field of Light

Channeled Messages

Truth of Our Divine Light

Dear Spirit, I wish to remember ~ to awaken ~ to honor ~ and to embrace the true Light of my Soul. Draw back from your current awareness, Dear One...and from all which appears to offer you truth. Step back through the doorway of Creation to see yourSelf without form. Can you recall the Light… Continue reading Truth of Our Divine Light

Channeled Messages

“Which World Do You Choose??”

Two worlds are simultaneously in motion.  One allows you to know the Light of God in every step.   And one encourages you to sometimes feel lost and alone. Without pausing for a moment to consider their varying virtues...we ask you to ponder "Which world do you choose??". Which do you harmonize with to support… Continue reading “Which World Do You Choose??”

Expanding Consciousness

The Privilege of BEing a Spiritual Mentor

I was always so incredibly uncomfortable when another innocent soul wished to emulate me in my younger years.   I didn't consciously place myself upon any pedestal...or ask for any of the attention that was sometimes granted.   I enjoyed my solitude and unique way of seeing the world.   There was a great big… Continue reading The Privilege of BEing a Spiritual Mentor