Expanding Consciousness

The Privilege of BEing a Spiritual Mentor

I was always so incredibly uncomfortable when another innocent soul wished to emulate me in my younger years.   I didn’t consciously place myself upon any pedestal…or ask for any of the attention that was sometimes granted.   I enjoyed my solitude and unique way of seeing the world.   There was a great big part of me that didn’t wish to share the intricacies and nuances that make me ‘me’.

But as I grew older I recognized that I had a talent for bringing people together and setting a positive example.   So I learned to stand strong in the role of authority…when need be.

I was then granted the opportunity to transform my world from one of pain, disappointment, fear, and struggle to one of peace, joy, and gratitude!!!    It took me years of slow growth, accomplishment, and discovery…but I’m HERE….in a place where I can now support others as they go through their own unique journey of SELF-DISCOVERY and SOUL-EXPANSION!!!!!!

What a privileged place to be!!!!

I’ve learned a lot through my journey….and joyfully share all the insight, support, wisdom, and inspiration I can with those I now meet.    Without ego….I share mySelf bravely and courageously so that another may be INSPIRED by the essence and wonder that makes me ‘me’. Some are able to authentically recognize the beauty of
this offering…and some merely recognize a teeny aspect of it all.

At times I have to remind mySelf of what it means to even BE a mentor or a teacher to those WISE ONES who are awakening to their own majesty.

I can LOVE them purely and completely…and still…it is THEIR journey to design and shape as they choose.  My only responsibility is to SHARE with an authentic heart…and TRUST that in my reflection they will see their brightest Truth rising to be FREE. ♥

Sometimes I am able to sense the disappointment in those who come searching for THE answers they wish to receive.    I wish to comfort them in their space of understanding…without shifting from the Truth that I’ve worked so hard to embrace.

To each of these WISE ONES who come looking for particular answers….I wish to remind you:


Never question the TRUTH that lies within your sweet Self.   Honor your journey with authenticity….and know you never can be ‘wrong’.    Validation of your strength, beauty, and talent from outside of yourself…often leads to disappointment.

Love yourSelf as the WISE authority and light that you are!!!!!!!!

There is a Student and Mentor in each of us!!! ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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