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Non-judgment As A Path

My body has been through several energetic activations and downloads this past week.   Each one allowed me to feel more IN LOVE with mySelf and the path that I am on….but I now notice that they also triggered emotional pains and insecurities within me too.

I can see that as I am presented the vision of a fully loving journey…I am simultaneously reminded of the experiences that once brought me much less.   Is this part of the evolutionary journey to true Peace and Love??  Must we always see the contrast between all-encompassing bliss and gut-wrenching sorrow??

In this space of confusion…I naturally call upon my Spiritual Guardians to bring awareness and understanding.   They are here with me now.   And in a voice of true COMPASSION…they remind me that all discomfort and sorrow arises from the belief that it ‘should be’ another way.

If there is discomfort within my being…then there is also a firmly held EXPECTATION at play.   

Think of every experience, relationship, and disharmony that has been in your life.   Aren’t you feeling greater pain for what’s not??   Even when we place our focus upon the injustice or disrespect…the ‘pain’ comes from believing that we are far separated from the ideal way of being.

As I think of all the emotional wounds rising to the surface this week…I can definitely align with this way of seeing.   There’s a part of me still holding out for the recognition, appreciation, and respect I deserve.

See!!  Right there.   It’s out on the line.   I am holding out for some expected outcome!!

How interesting.   I was so proud of my actions and choices in each of these experiences.   I could only see error on ‘the other side’.   But….for there to be error….there must be judgment!!!

Is it possible that every single emotional wound that is……….stems from our uncompromising belief that something else ‘should be’?!?!    As loving and compassionate as I believe myself to be….am I still holding silent expectations in place??

It takes work to embrace a true path of Non-judgment and Love!!!

For me to authentically LOVE another……I must honor and accept all experiences as perfect!!!!

I might have to repeat that last statement to anchor it in to my conscious belief system. (((Smile)))

For me to authentically LOVE another……I must honor and accept all experiences as perfect!!!!

And in case you haven’t caught it……..that is directed towards our own actions and choices as well!!   We can’t hold ourselves accountable to another set of standards if we are to stand in absolute authenticity.

Since I have opened the door to welcome greater LOVE into my life….these past wounds have surfaced with hopes of being healed.    Perhaps the contrast of ‘then and now’ is simply giving me an opportunity to test out my newly embraced super powers IN LOVE.

I Choose Non-judgment!!

I Choose Freedom to BE!!

I Choose Love!! ♥

Now…….my egoic self may need a little patience and compassion as I make this my chosen path.   But I am dedicated to NON-JUDGMENT of my Self…and every other bright soul I meet.

After all…any perception to the contrary is just a story we tell ourselves.  Is it not??

So…Non-judgment it is.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

2 thoughts on “Non-judgment As A Path”

  1. I’m pretty good at accepting things the way they are but looking over at the grass on the other side of the fence even ever so slightly is a strong habit. I have been earnestly examining any discontent that comes up for me and always it subsides as I see that I am not fully accepting the moment or moments. So much stress if we don’t embrace every thing in our lives.


    1. So beautiful and insightful my beautiful friend. We always see our own experience through the contrast of that which surrounds us. So learning to innately see PERFECTION in ‘our’ experience is a process. I’m right there with you…but doing better all the time. Thank YOU for sharing!! You are so loved!!!

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