Mystical Musings

My Force-Field of Light

In more than one of these vast unseen universal realities that are…I’m pretty darn sure that I AM A JEDI…clear and pure!!   The Force and I are ONE evident Truth…and no separation between us can be.

When I’m clear…I can recognize that as my REALITY in this human experience as well.   But…it sometimes takes a bit more effort to genuinely TRUST the Force as an aspect of mySelf.

I often speak of the Force-Field of Light I have around me (in this current reality).   I am very proud of it…because it ensures that ONLY that which I welcome into my life…touches me.   I powerfully envision only Love, Truth, Respect, Inspiration, Joy, and Blossoming Wonder flowing to me in infinite measure.   And my Force-Field of Light naturally upholds the boundaries of these prayers and intentions.   It’s like my supernatural bouncer (of the nightclub variety)…standing at the gate of my energetic domain…approving all that has permission to enter.

This is why I am surrounded by much BEAUTY in my life.   I truly don’t wish to entwine with the ‘dark side’ upon my journey.

Throughout the years…I have always received a clear sign when a ‘disturbance in the force’ was attempting to shake the integrity of my Force-Field.   And with this gift of Awareness…I have been able to amp up my prayers to ensure that MY intentions are held pure in Love and Light.

Clearly stated….my Force-Field of Light can only be shaken if ‘I’ begin to align with opposing frequencies!!    Those opposing frequencies of fear, doubt, insecurity, lack, and victimhood can be presented by another on my journey.   But they can only shake my field of LIGHT if ‘I’ align with them…and give some level of credence to them.

Recently…another reminded me of the battle that often goes on between the Light and the Dark.    Although I feel absolutely safe and secure in the LIGHT that fills my world…I also know what it feels like to battle the Dark in efforts to find the Light.

Without recognizing it….I began to align with the belief that holding onto our place in the Light is a battle.    I began to give greater power to the ‘dark side’…if only for a subconscious moment.

But…….because my beautiful and radiant Force-Field of Light is in place…..I received a literal ‘wake-up call’ in the middle of the night.

As I tossed in bed…I heard something go flying through the room.   I apparently fell asleep with my phone…and sent it flying as I tossed the blankets around.    The screen cracked……which would normally trigger my ego.    BUT……….I only saw the crack upon the glass screen as a crack in my Force-Field of Light. 

I am so blessed!!   That crack symbolized the ‘disturbance in the force’.   Instead of being upset….I was incredibly thankful for the ‘wake up call’.

I love my world of effortless LIGHT support!!   It is not a challenge to uphold in any way.   It is my TRUTH.    And no opposition can distract me from that reality!!!   It’s all a choice. I am always in control of all that flows.

And….as a sidenote…let me add another reminder that has awakened in me.

My soul has often felt that in order to honor another’s journey…..I must dive into their pit of experience with them.     BUT………the greatest way for me to Love and Support them is to stand in my unshakable glistening Light…..and to call them IN (or up) to journey with me!!

There’s never enough room to soar and dance in the pit.   My world is ever-expansive…and all are welcome to journey with me IN THE LIGHT OF LOVE!!!

And so it is!!

© Alania Starhawk 2016


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