Channeled Messages

Osiris Teaches Us To Heal OurSelves

From a deeply meditative state of BEing... I welcome all inspiration and clarity that would assist me to heal the physical discomfort and pain I feel at times. And so I sense the great Master of Light, Osiris, with me once again. In stillness...I receive. Dear One...You're still looking for the 'cause' of your discomfort… Continue reading Osiris Teaches Us To Heal OurSelves

Mystical Musings

The Path Less Traveled

How comfortable are we on a truly 'unmarked path'?? If we were to find ourselves in a new experience without any directions or pre-orchestrated guidance...would we still feel SAFE and provided for?? For many of us free-spirited creative beings.....a rebellious nature has often directed us towards the less structured and loosely enforced parameters of experience.… Continue reading The Path Less Traveled