Mystical Musings

The Path Less Traveled

How comfortable are we on a truly ‘unmarked path’??

If we were to find ourselves in a new experience without any directions or pre-orchestrated guidance…would we still feel SAFE and provided for??

For many of us free-spirited creative beings…..a rebellious nature has often directed us towards the less structured and loosely enforced parameters of experience.   But still…can we even imagine what an outwardly unmarked path is!?!?

In dream after dream last night…I was reminded that there are a million and one voices around us each day…all directing our attention towards their chosen point of believing, seeing, and being each day.   All of those voices subconsciously saying “do this.  don’t do that.”

But…it suddenly dawned on me in the cacophony of passionate voices…that none of these voices are authentic to their inner undefined nature either.   They all formed their current point of view upon the other ideal ways of being that had been placed upon them.

In the hazy clarity of a trance-like dream state…I could genuinely see that we are a society of pre-conceived notions and truths.

We have all been taught that it’s best to color inside the lines, to stay on the marked path, to prepare for all contingencies (that haven’t created themselves yet), to work hard for all we wish to have, to provide for our families, to honor sunday as a day for family and faith (as well as placing a capital S on sunday), to not have ice cream for breakfast and countless other indoctrinated idiosyncrasies!!

In almost all moments…..we have some set of previously established guidelines in place…directing our beliefs, choices, and reactions each day.

How often do we truly accept the opportunity to disempower the previously established guidelines in order to utilize our inner voice as a path of guidance and truth!?!?

That’s why so many of us are learning to honor our unique voices, to explore the unknown, and to imagine new ways of being.   We are the brave ones beginning to honor all paths and choices as perfect and purposeful!!!   We are the compassionate ones beginning to listen to our hearts above all other outward guidance!!!   And we are the wise ones beginning to celebrate the beauty of every unique being!!!

Can we genuinely learn to hear those million and one voices around us….without believing that they have any inherent impact upon us??

Can we confidently know that all potentiality is held in every brief moment….and only ‘we’ can discern that which is perfect and just for us!?!?

Let go of searching outwardly for safe passage, direction, and guidance!!

All you require….already exists within.

Your Spirit is your compass and your neon sign.

Honor your inner voice….and you will always be home.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

4 thoughts on “The Path Less Traveled”

  1. I just have to say, I Feel Free,to do see,speak,love and feel what I want when I want. I Am All that I Am…..
    It sure is nice to have ice cream or Pizza for breakfast! !!! Not that I do but if I want I can…Free to feel nature at its best.. Grateful and appreciated for ALL….


  2. Hi Alania,

    I hope you are doing well! I have been helping my mother who has been hospitalized for the last week and a half with a severe infection that required amputation of her toe. Thankfully our prayers were answered and the infectious disease doctor was able to treat the infection and save her leg and she should be going home today. 🙂

    I just wanted to tell you how much your recent posts (this one in particular today) have meant to me. On this path which is uncertain I am striving to be fearless and listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance knowing that my purpose here is to be a channel of God’s light and love. Like you say there are many voices telling me what I should be doing, and it is at times a distinct effort to stand in my truth . I feel that these people see me for what I used to be and what I used to do and want to line up with me with their idea of what I should be doing now in an effort to make money for themselves. I feel like the person I was no longer exists. There has been a shift in me and I cannot go back. I feel the disappointment and desperation from these people. I have always provided (business, referrals) for them before, now I feel it is my turn. I believe God is going to provide whatever I need to be in his service and I will happily give to others who need it as I have always done. I am grateful for my family – Mom and brother and my children and their spouses who support me and believe in me 100% and do not try to steer my course in order to make a profitable for themselves. I am grateful for you who teach me always that “I Am” and to stand in my truth and don’t worry about everybody else ; everybody has their own journey. Many blessings to you ! You are gifted with many wisdoms that you share with us.

    Thank you! Joy

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    1. Sweet Sister…..I stand in stillness for a moment…as I HONOR YOUR BRIGHT LIGHT!!!!!! I am so truly proud of you for following your Heart’s guidance…and knowing that you are WORTHY of great Love and Support!!!!

      YOU….are the one creating your experience now!!! See the miracles, blessings, and solutions flowing effortlessly to you.

      Those challenging beings near you are only seeing you through ‘their’ perception of what is right and wrong. Love them as much as you are able to…and know that you are greatly LOVED!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


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