Channeled Messages

Custom Designed Realities

The door is open!!    The time is here!! Those who are ready to stand in Light and Truth are being offered opportunity after opportunity to stand in that Light and Truth!! They will bravely do so…not because it is an easy path…but because it is the path they choose. And…as Trust in this joy-filled,… Continue reading Custom Designed Realities


Portals of Prosperity TELECONFERENCE

You're invited!!  Join us for our monthly "Portals of Prosperity" teleconference with Alania Starhawk!!  Each teleconference is divinely guided to uplift YOU upon your journey into prosperity consciousness!! Wednesday ~ May 11th ~ 7:30pm EST Wednesday ~ June 8th ~ 7:30pm EST Wednesday ~ July 13th ~ 7:30pm EST Here are the facts: Alania will… Continue reading Portals of Prosperity TELECONFERENCE


Through The Gate of Illusion and Pain

I'm different now. I feel like I've just come through a gateway of initiation...and I'm forever changed. In this gate of higher awareness and uber-sensitive emotional perception...I was asked to face some of the darkest visions of separation, pain, and insignificance I've ever faced. The visions began to take form in my intuitive awareness as… Continue reading Through The Gate of Illusion and Pain