Portals of Prosperity TELECONFERENCE

You’re invited!!  Join us for our monthly “Portals of Prosperity” teleconference with Alania Starhawk!!  Each teleconference is divinely guided to uplift YOU upon your journey into prosperity consciousness!!

Wednesday ~ May 11th ~ 7:30pm EST

Wednesday ~ June 8th ~ 7:30pm EST

Wednesday ~ July 13th ~ 7:30pm EST

Here are the facts:

  • Alania will be your host for the evening…sharing insight, teaching, guided visualization, and a bit of divine channeling.
  • All are welcome to join us at 7:30pm EST on May 11th, June 8th, or July 13th by calling 701-801-1220 and entering 713.595.152 as your meeting id.
  • Alania will speak and share for the first 60 minutes.   If any questions arise during that time…we encourage you to press *6 on your phone.   That will notify Alania that you would like to share…and she will welcome you into the Teleconference as soon as she comfortably can.
  • After the first 60 minutes are complete…Alania will encourage all to speak or comment as you’d like.   Please press *6 to share your thoughts!!    We will only unmute one or two at a time in efforts to keep the background noise at a minimum.
  • In order to encourage a smooth experience…all participation information is shared with you here.   However…this is a teaching about opening the magnificent Portals of Prosperity in our lives!!   If you enjoy the experience…and feel that you have PROSPERED by all that you’ve received…we ask that you find a moment to contribute sacred $11 to Alania through this PayPal link or the one below.   No PayPal account is needed.   You may make this contribution afterward if you’d like.
  • If… are currently learning to genuinely open those Portals of Prosperity in greater ways…and $11 is an uncomfortable contribution…then we ask you to contribute the amount of your choice through this Contribution link (or the one below)……..OR offer an ENERGY EXCHANGE of kindness to someone personally in conscious appreciation for that which was received.   The exchange of appreciation and gratitude will return back to Alania through the ever-flowing cycle of Life.
  • For those who do make the $11 contribution…you will receive an MP3 recording of the event afterwards.   This will allow you to listen in your own time…or perhaps listen afterwards if you were unable to join us at the appointed time.
  • All are welcome to participate!!  Please spread the word!!  This is not only an informational experience.   This is an ENERGETIC EXPERIENCE!!!   Your guides and guardians will be working with you as you listen….and universal guides and guardians will be genuinely OPENING PORTALS OF PROSPERITY for each of you in gentle ways!!

Hope to sense you there!!!! ♥


Please use this PayPal button to contribute the amount of your choice:


As we awaken in greater ways to the INFINITE POTENTIAL that lies within our own BEing….we begin to open and empower greater PORTALS of PROSPERITY in our lives!!    These PORTALS of positive-energy-flow naturally open and expand as our perceptions of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-awareness grow.

All that we experience each day is a direct REFLECTION of the beliefs we hold to be valid and true.   So….as our BELIEF of “what can be” expands…so does our direct and verifiable experience!!

This monthly TELECONFERENCE will focus upon:

Expanding our concept of SELF

• Understanding HOW we can powerfully co-Create with Universal Source

• Building a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with Money and Success

• Learning to direct our personal energy with FOCUS

• Envisioning with greater COMFORT and ease

• Living in Graceful RECEPTIVITY

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