Affirmations and Invocations

Contemplating Upon “My Divine Self”

Here's a playful and random unfolding of all that conceptually aligns me with "my divine self" Holding deep PEACE within...knowing my choices, efforts and expressions are always perfect in all moments Trusting that I AM safe, secure and loved......and can be no less No longer needing to prove my worth to myself or another Allowing… Continue reading Contemplating Upon “My Divine Self”

Mystical Musings

You Are The Dreamer

i am awakening on this new day to sense mySelf in expanded ways to honor my spirit as the ALL i now know to surrender full and deep to the infinite flow to breathe a new breath with truth and sight to accept this great task of BEing alive • my heart is your heart… Continue reading You Are The Dreamer


I Breathed Through The Wrath Today

I breathed through the wrath today.  Does that surprise you?? Some old emotions were triggered within me.   And as I gave voice to those emotions...I imagined directing the seemingly deserved blame and fury against those who appear to perpetuate the original act of injustice. In that felt as if I have the right… Continue reading I Breathed Through The Wrath Today

Mystical Musings

Dream Big

This world is ever-expansive and infinite.   Yet, we still envision our lives in accordance to that which we BELIEVE has the potential to be. If we're cautious when placing our prayers, intentions, and dreams into motion....then we're initiating an experience that is founded in lack and limitation!!    We don't recognize it...but it's true.… Continue reading Dream Big


A Guilt-free Reality

"Trust yourself." "Remember who you are." "Honor your own sacred voice." As we step into greater self-empowerment and sovereignty...we are encouraged to follow these words of loving advice.   These thoughts of encouragement are designed to redirect our source of power and focus to a point within our precious that we may begin to… Continue reading A Guilt-free Reality

Mystical Musings

Life “In Waiting”?!

Do you find yourSelf in a moment of pause??   Are you on hold as you wait for some special aspect of your life to fall into place?? One short night ago, I received strong intuitive messages regarding something important in my life.  And then I spent a long day "in wait" I watched… Continue reading Life “In Waiting”?!