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Life “In Waiting”?!

Do you find yourSelf in a moment of pause??   Are you on hold as you wait for some special aspect of your life to fall into place??

One short night ago, I received strong intuitive messages regarding something important in my life.  And then I spent a long day “in wait” yesterday…as I watched for affirmations and consequences of that information.

I was certainly not aware of doing this!!

It was an uncomfortable day in my energetic body.   I was not relaxed.   So  I spent time preparing healthy food for myself, listening to music that made me happy, and catching up on some lingering to-do’s that made me feel good.

I went to sleep last night…asking to be energized and re-balanced in the morning.   And so I am.  But……..I now realize that “I” was the creator of that discomfort!!

I couldn’t see it yesterday.   I thought that the heavy energy was coming from an outward point and that I needed to deal with it as best I could.  But today it’s clear.

On a deeper level…I was so caught up in the information I had received the night before…that I had paused my current experience “in wait” of validation, truth, and clarity.

There was a part of me that felt the information would lead to a life-changing outcome…and I couldn’t move forward upon my journey til I had all the facts.

Have you ever felt like this??

This particular message had to do with the health of a loved one and some choices they were making.   But this lesson could apply to you in a myriad of ways.

You may be waiting for a health condition to clear up…or approval of some application to come back.   You may be waiting for the completion of some project or effort…or the arrival of some resource.   The possibilities are infinite.

But…….let me remind you that LIFE is meant to be lived!!!!!  In all moments…we have the information we need for this moment!!   It is our right and our privilege to LIVE PASSIONATELY without feeling obligated or bound to a future, yet-to-be-determined moment!!

Sometimes we pause a breath in the over-whelming weight of a “what if??”…and forget to consciously continue that breath in the present moment.   We find ourselves clinging to the “what if??” as if it has the power to shift our experience.   But it doesn’t.

If it is a “what if??”…then life is still forming and creating itself.  To pause for any unseen outcome…is to detach from the blessings here and now.

So…I encourage you to LIVE PASSIONATELY today!!

Do not wait for any subliminal proof (in the logical world) to tell you that you have the right to live fully and passionately today!!

As always…we are the Creators of all we know.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

6 thoughts on “Life “In Waiting”?!”

  1. Thank you Alania! I needed that. I too woke up in a clearer, better place today, but yesterday was challenging. It felt like everything that had just fallen into place was on pause before it could be “good, positive, happy, relaxed, etc.” Yet I know Divine Source is working out the details and ramifications I can’t yet see. I went to sleep praying for all to be resolved with ease, beauty and effortlessness. I know it will be so. But patience and present moment awareness are called for. I kept hearing this week in my mind, ” There is no point of attainment, there is only path.” In a way that’s not very reassuring, but when you fully accept that reality everything becomes easier. It causes us to quit living our lives “in waiting” for something to occur, be true, work out, etc., and instead just apply our selves to being available for the magic and presence of this very moment. This is where we grow, heal, and live fully from our authentic self. I honor you. Thank you for speaking to my journey. ❤


    1. Thank you my beautiful friend!! I love reading your story too!! We are all on similar paths…learning to see ourselves and our journeys as PERFECT in all moments. I wish you many bright blessings upon your journey!!!!!! ❤ You are loved!!


  2. Sister Alania, this was powerful and divinely timed!! Wow!! 🌟🌟🌟

    I had a similar experience this week that I had cleared yet I was also feeling very heavy energetically, thinking it was a person or situation when I created all the internal overwhelm! I put life on hold asking God to show me signs while all the time truly missing out on all the blessings in the here and now. Powerful Alania!! You just energetically gave me a huge slap upside the head or let’s call it a beautiful breakthrough! ✨ Much gratitude angel! 😇

    I choose love and to not be attached and to trust in His higher plan ~ Im now back centered and in alignment with my truth.

    Thank you for sharing your journey and being a part of mine. So many of your teachings, insight and wisdom have deeply resonated with me. And since my journal and email signature for the last decade has been “Living Passionately”, I just knew you had another divine message to share. ✨ ✨✨

    Thank you for being such a beacon of bright light and love. 🌟💜🌟

    You touch people’s lives deeper than you may realize!!

    Much love to you and cheers to receiving the infinite blessings and magic in the here and now!!! Xoxo


    1. Ohhhhhh….my radiant siStar!!!!!!!! YOU AMAZE ME!!!!! You just lifted me up and took me on a journey with you…while giggling the whole way!!

      You have so much to SHARE with us all!!!!!!! Let that GODDESS shine!!! It’s time.

      I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank YOU!!!!!! ♥


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