Mystical Musings

Dream Big

This world is ever-expansive and infinite.   Yet, we still envision our lives in accordance to that which we BELIEVE has the potential to be.

If we’re cautious when placing our prayers, intentions, and dreams into motion….then we’re initiating an experience that is founded in lack and limitation!!   

We don’t recognize it…but it’s true.

Some times we are cautious because we can’t rationalize how more can physically manifest itself.   So we choose from the goals, prayers and intentions we discern as more viable and probable.   We believe that this makes us prudent.   But it doesn’t.   The limitation serves no purpose at all.   If we believe that eggs can only be used for morning sustenance and nutrition…then we will never discover the joy of a stiff meringue or a delectable quiche.  We are simply denying greater potentiality.

If we’d like our prayers, intentions, and dreams to yield more…we must first IMAGINE MORE!!!

Some times we are cautious because we don’t wish to be greedy, selfish, or pushy in our kind request.   So we hold our intentions, prayers, and ambitions back in efforts to be humble, appreciative, and meek.  These efforts are outdated and obsolete!!

We can not make another smaller by lifting ourselves higher.  We can not take away from another by welcoming more for ourselves.  We can never appear ungrateful if our heart is continuously filled with love.

Many of us have been indoctrinated to humble ourselves in respect and service to the greater good.    We were taught that dousing our own hopes and dreams would be the righteous, responsible, and kind path.  We were encouraged to be thankful for what already is…..and to settle for what naturally appears.

Are you DONE with that belief system yet???    I Am.

My energetic body begins to curl up and writhe when I think of how many times I was symbolically told “be small.  be quiet.  be unseen.”

But judging the past as imperfect can be just as limiting and confining. So…..I direct my energy towards DREAMING as BIG as my current belief system allows!!   

I say “as big as my current belief system allows” because I am very aware that I am expanding my conscious awareness each day.   I am standing in greater truth and power with each breath.  I am learning to be comfortable in the infinite magnificence that can be. It’s a journey.

And although I’m not there yet (wherever there may be)….

I am passionately encouraging you to DREAM BIG today!!!!!

Begin to welcome all you are WORTHY of….regardless of caution and irrational fear.

Bravely CALL your hopes, dreams, prayers, and intentions into motion….by simply believing that you have the right to welcome them in!!!    

The only limitations are those which you imagine to be so.   Our imagination works in both directions, you see.   It can lift us up or hold us down. ♥

What will you choose for yourself today??

What will you seed into BEing??

Your task is not to rationalize it all from this limited 3d perspective!!   Your task is to DIRECT it all from a higher plane of unseen heart-centered potentiality and truth.   From that perspective…all begins to align and birth itself for you.

You only have to authentically “wish it, dream it, see it” for it to come true!!

© Alania Starhawk 2016

4 thoughts on “Dream Big”

  1. Thanks for a great reminder my friend! As Les Brown always said, “shoot for the moon, cuz if you miss you still land among the stars!” this thought today hit home with me thinking too small lately, so thank you so much for helping me up lift myself to an infinite set of possibilities. thanks, momentummikey 🙂


    1. MomentumMikey……….how beautiful you are!!! I so apologize for not honoring your sweet energy til this moment. Apparently, I must have landed amongst the stars…and neglected to remain connected to this magical earth realm. I appreciate your kind comment. Thank YOU!!!!! Many blessings, Alania ♥


      1. don’t think twice, energy is spread to quickly to worry about responding, sometimes its nice just to savor and enjoy move on. keep landing in the stars, or any magical realm you want! have a great week. 🙂


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