Affirmations and Invocations

Contemplating Upon “My Divine Self”

Here’s a playful and random unfolding of all that conceptually aligns me with “my divine self”…

Holding deep PEACE within…knowing my choices, efforts and expressions are always perfect in all moments

Trusting that I AM safe, secure and loved……and can be no less

No longer needing to prove my worth to myself or another

Allowing the gift of boundless potentiality to work inexplicable Miracles in my life

Celebrating the sweet sound of universal MUSIC…that flows through Me

Co-creating NATURALLY with all aspects of Life ~ interacting JOYfully

Seeing the LIGHT of my own precious heart dancing passionately through this magical journey of possibility

Transforming LIFE with a single heart-thought

BEing able to communicate………..without the use of words

BEing able to easily and effortlessly Heal, FORGIVE, Inspire, reBirth and reNew

To SEE beyond the veils of perception…into the mysteries of timeless Truth

To simply FEEL Free, JoyFull, Wise, and Alive…to the fullest extent of BEingness

To honor all others as they are worthy of BEing honored

Holding no fear, no judgment, no shame, or confusion

Believing in mySelf……and the WONDER that can be

Intimately knowing that I AM THE CREATOR of my own fateful destiny

Living in Balance and Harmony

Breathing in LOVE

BEing mySelf ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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