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Decoding the Mystery of “Hell”

My natural tendencies are to stay clear of darker subject matter, unless I sense that my words or insight may bring healing and shift awareness in some way. And since I have been gifted with an elevated understanding of all we refer to as ‘Hell’…I am choosing to bring the mystery of judgment, punishment and pain out of the closet to decode it most lovingly!!

This beautiful teaching has allowed me to see ‘suffering’ in an inspired way, and reminds me of the role my thoughts, actions, and choices play upon my power-filled journey. 

As we begin to see deeper into the encoded meanings of the stories, myths, and legends we’ve known…we begin to recognize how timeless our quest for spiritual freedom and acceptance has been.  The mystery has never altered.  Only our interpretation of its symbolism has changed!!

As a child I saw Hell as a place that only evil people went to, and it was a deserving place to be for each evil doer.  That’s what I was told by each authority figure that was.  “They’re going to Hell” was a common statement in my reality.   It was never stated with a question mark, so I never doubted its validity.

But as I grew a bit older and more sensitive to deeper truths…I recognized that there were too many souls imprisoned in the fear of going there themselves. I saw them grow fearful of opening to Love here on this earth plane, because they deeply believed they were unworthy of the Paradise that might or might not one day be theirs.  They were already measuring their thoughts and deeds with a heavy unyielding force of blame and shame. And their healthy bodies soon became ill in the unyielding toxicities of their restless mind.

Then with the oncoming birth of my son in 2002…my close relationship with God deepened still. An inexpressible volume of Love filled me each time my heart welcomed Him near. I sensed only compassion and unconditional support and care in His mighty yet etheric embrace. And I suddenly knew beyond any doubt that ‘Hell’ was manmade!!  

Never could the God I know from this expansive space, condemn another soul to such uncompromising punishment.  

For years it was enough for me to know that there is no Hell other than that which we create for ourselves. But while earnestly seeking to heal my heart from a past disappointment one day…I was gifted with an additional insight that lovingly explains the symbolism behind the fiery and ever-lasting Hell that we’ve known. When I found my body reacting irrationally to a perceived hurt that no longer aligns with my spiritual journey, I prayed for great healing to take place.  For hours I made effort to stay focused on my heart-felt prayer, while still feeling the undeniable pain of that past memory replaying itself.  I chose to free myself…but felt the resistance to letting go as well.

Entwined in all of this mind chatter, were images of a Sacred Flame, continuing to appear again and again. It was the purifying flame I’ve known in many transcendental visions and experiences.  Each time it appears, it holds the ability to Purify and Free me from any old limitations and beliefs. The flame can change colors with the energies that flow, but is usually white in its purest form.  It’s a symbol of rebirth and renewal, and transmutes all less-than perceptions into acceptance and love.

So I took some deep breaths and prepared myself to step through this mystical flame that presented itself. I knew that it was appearing to support my healing process, and would energetically free me from all that was resistance upon my journey. But my Spirit Guides stopped me this time to eagerly explain: “There is much more to be learned today”.

They showed me that this purifying flame was the purity of Divine Consciousness and Light. As an intrinsic aspect of Life’s intelligent design, this flame instantly clears, purifies, and transmutes all that no longer serves each soul in effortless grace. The moment an experience, thought, memory, or belief no longer aligns with our chosen frequency, it naturally returns to the All in this flame of Divine Consciousness and Light.   

When we naturally trust in the rhythms of Life and the release of all that no longer aligns, we are oblivious to the transition that takes place. It’s instantaneous, and requires no great ceremony to honor the shift. We do this countless times a day, without recognition of it all.  That’s why we often neglect to sense how much we’ve grown and evolved from one day to the next.  Natural transformations are taking place at levels beyond that which our 3-dimensional awareness can detect.

The discomfort comes in when we defiantly cling to that experience, thought, memory, or belief that no longer aligns with our chosen frequency.  Its time of purpose has passed. Its energy is no longer alive and participating in our current reality.  This experience, thought, memory, or belief that no longer aligns is now only rooted in our mind-space…repeating itself over and over again…with no greater insight or perspective to be had. 

In fact, we become trapped in that lower vibrational perception that resists the purification and transformation that is naturally offered!!

All Life flows in a natural cycle of symbolic birth, death, and rebirth each day. The sun rises and falls.  The oceans ebb and flow.  And we rhythmically breathe in and out as each of our skin cells outlives its time of purposeful use and sheds itself to make room for the new.   

Life is not static. There is never a moment that it is without motion and flow.  So, to resist the natural purification of any experience, thought, memory, or belief is to resist the blessing of new birth and freedom!!

The energies that no longer align are essentially in death’s embrace. The fire of purification remains near, but cannot transform the frequency without approval and acceptance of the transformation.

Each and every time we cling to past experiences, thoughts, memories, or beliefs without expanding or elevating the perception with which we embrace them, we are choosing to imprison ourselves in a stagnant and lifeless reality.  If we resist the gift of transformation and rebirth………then we choose the comfort or discomfort of frequencies and understandings that no longer align. We are imprisoned by no more than our own resistance to the freedom that can be.

Hell is defined as “any place or state of torment or misery”.  Wouldn’t you agree that we create that experience for ourselves when we do not release from the old and repetitive energies that no longer serve and align??

Our teaching and understanding of Hell is no more than a distortion of the elevated truth!! The flames of purification can also be looked at as the ‘fiery flames of condemnation’ from a twisted point of view.  And the eternal pain and punishment we fear can easily represent the repetitive unshifting torture we put ourselves through when we resist the natural flow of Life and Love.

No judgment lies outside of ourselves. No judgment can ever be in actuality.  It’s all a state of perception and illusion.  If we release the desire to judge and measure our experiences, thoughts, memories, or beliefs………then we fully align with all naturally flowing blessings that can be!!

© Alania Starhawk 2016


2 thoughts on “Decoding the Mystery of “Hell””

  1. Love your voice dear heart! Thank you for sharing on such a topic in order to lift it, and transmute miscommunications about it. Hell has also been defined as simply, “the ground”, as in “I’ve been in the garden helling potatoes”. Once again, our Creator wants us to love our Source (or whatever name we use for God) out of love and gratitude just to have this life, just for our breath, for whatever we can think of to be thankful for. Fear should be unnecessary. Usually fear of hell is just humans attempts to control other humans. Denser energies may be transmuted in the refiner’s fire, but we do not need to understand all the mysteries to live peacefully, be happy, blessed, and live life abundantly.


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