Expanding Consciousness

Finding mySelf

Quite naturally, we are all on a perpetual journey of self discovery. Each thought and experience allows us an opportunity to SEE ourselves in new ways.

Sometimes that self discovery can be gentle, exciting, and oh-so-comforting…and sometimes it can powerfully shatter all past illusions of self identity.

I’m there. In that sweet, yet daunting, state of expansive BEingness. Who I once perceived mySelf to BE, only a few short weeks ago, is a distant memory.

Amidst the ancient stones of Arizona and Utah, I connected to a deeper and truer aspect of my infinite self.

In the stillness of just BEing present with these immense stone guardians, I felt at HOME. I sensed Strength flowing through me, when my body and mind needed to reMember what BEing strong and brave (from a state of infinite LOVE) truly feels like. And I sensed an ineffable Peace flowing through me, when I stood in awareness of all the bright Blessings and Potential that eternally accompanies me upon my journey.

In the reflection of these ancient masters, I reMembered.


I have a newly amped-up and inspired view of the world……and I AM ready to dance with every sweet opportunity joyfully!!

This morning, I clearly SEE that life is always of our own making. So…..it’s time that I dream bigger and create even more passionately.

What about you??

Are you ready to find an even bolder, brighter, and more enLightened YOU??


You are ALWAYS as Beautiful and Grand as you allow yourSelf to Be.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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