Mystical Musings

Relationship with the Divine

As I sit in blissful stillness this morning, I recognize that THE single relationship I value and treasure most in my life, is the one I have with God, Source, Universe, and Spirit.

At a deep level of intimate knowing, this relationship reminds me that I AM infinite within my own BEing, too. For every soft whisper and thought shared in these sweet moments of intuitive connection, echo the immutable reminder that I AM the very same divine essence and Light that I honor and value so much.

And although there is a little egoic tug to get my body moving and grooving this morning (to be as productive as my little human self can be)…I recognize that THIS moment of blissful stillness is life-giving for me!! By allowing generous space in my life to listen, receive, and connect to this sweet force of omnipresent grace and Love…I am able to discover ever greater depths within my Self.

Without this most perfect and beautiful relationship…I am only a pale and lifeless aspect of Me.

Spending time with the divine – within and without – is vital to my BEing ME!!

It’s powerful. It’s purposeful. It’s uplifting. It’s life-affirming.

How about you??

Are you allowing space for the stillness and serenity of God, Source, Universe and Spirit to FILL you with the gift of sacred reMembrance and Truth??

Without this connection, all of the push and pull, the confusion, and the illusion appears to be a bit too ‘real’.

Balance yourSelf.

Stay connected.

Be loved. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2016

4 thoughts on “Relationship with the Divine”

    1. BEAUTIFUL ONE…….how I miss you both!! ♥ Thank you for connecting here. I so wish to hear about your adventures as well!!! I can’t find your email…so you’ll have to message me first. Lol

      LOVE YOU!!!!!!


  1. Yes! Thank you for sharing this for others. I have that special hour Every morning where I say my heartfelt “Thank yous ” & blessings , read from a couple of daily readings every morning and stay in that constant contact with my Source. I know what helps me keep in balance, and stay in my truth.♡☆♡☆


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