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Healing Karmic Relationships

Think of all the countless relationships we have, and have had, in our lives. Can you believe that many of them are continuing a pattern of action/reaction from a past interaction with that soul??

It’s true. While moving through this ever-spiraling journey called Life, we are often offered the opportunity to balance out some old, unfinished karmic patterns and experiences. And with awareness of the deeper karmic tale, we can shift our actions and reactions to compliment our CURRENT experience and relationship.

For example, are your emotions sometimes revved up much higher than the current situation inspires?? Are you continuously clinging to a sense of guilt, injustice, or insecurity?? Are you feeling as though something is incomplete?? Chances are that you are still caught in the timeless tale of a karmic pattern or relationship.

I work within the AKASHIC REALM to receive greater insight, understanding, and knowledge regarding our current belief systems and relationships. It’s quite amazing!! And the more I work within these energies, the more I continue to heal the antiquated belief systems and tendencies within mySelf.

Let me share a recent experience with you:

While recently visiting Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ, my sense of insecurity and vulnerability was triggered by some random soul behind me. We were patiently waiting in a line of 100 or so people, to descend down the stairs into the canyon. I had been preparing my spirit to be comfortable with the heights and the climbing.  I was calmly envisioning a safe descent and a blissful experience within the canyon. We had visited Upper Antelope Canyon the year before, and was mesmerized by the beauty.

However, the intense energy and bounciness of one particular random soul behind me, became quite overwhelming. I kept trying to focus upon being safe, but it was increasingly more difficult while that soul was near. It was irrational. But it was real.

So I made a choice to remove myself from the situation and return to the welcome center.

What I haven’t told you is that I have always felt incredibly tense and uncomfortable when someone comes up behind me. It doesn’t matter how much I love and trust them, it has always felt imprisoning. I am continuously asking my beautiful son to STEP AWAY from my back when he wants to stand over me (from behind) and talk, or hug, or stand. 

As I found myself back at the welcome center, incredibly disappointed in myself for not being braver and more centered, I felt Spirit with me. I felt incredible waves of LOVE flowing through me, and I spontaneously saw the vision of someone coming up behind me and wrapping a thin cord around my neck, to cut my jugular.

I followed this powerful vision til all details flowed through. I was a tall, red-headed man with a short manicured beard. I was a prominent land-owner in Southern France. I was a man of great compassion, wisdom, and integrity. I was greatly loved and respected throughout the land.

My own son had died very young in that life. So when I witnessed another youth of similar age, struggling to stay on a purposeful path, I took him in to raise him as my own son. I gave him all of the inspiration, the education, the comfort, and the luxury that a young man of considerable stature might need. I was very hands-on in sharing all that I had to share. And although I was not legally able to leave my estate to him, I had secured great luxury and comfort for him throughout his life.

That was not enough. He continued to entwine in poor company, and chose to believe their manipulations. He was focused on self-survival from an unbalanced point of view, and had believed that cutting my jugular was the only way to “survive”.

When I witnessed the death scene in this vision, I saw no disappointment in “dying”. My overwhelming disappointment was in knowing that someone I trusted and loved, could betray me so deeply. 

So in that disappointment, I never looked back to COMPLETE the experience and accept the truth as truth. I froze in disbelief, and had remained there on a soul level. My soul was bound to that brief moment of injustice and pain.

From my current state of awareness, Spirit encouraged me to bravely look back and GIVE THAT SOUL RESPONSIBILITY for his choices. There was no blame within me. Only pain. It was time to acknowledge the truth and let the scenario complete itself.

So I turned back, and saw that soul. But when I saw his soul, I recognized him as a major soul in my current life!! In this current life, he has been selfish and manipulative without ever accepting responsibility for his actions. No matter the blessings, the support, and the gifts he receives, it is never enough.

This soul was repeating the same PATTERN of behavior in this life and a part of me was in denial of it being his truth. With this heightened state of awareness, I released all karmic ties to denying his truth!! I offered him full responsibility, not blame, for his choices and his experiences.

And finally, Spirit whispered “Tell him that he can’t hurt you any more!!”

I was suddenly reminded of an experience about 20 years ago, when this soul decided that I wasn’t giving him the response he desired, in a conversation. When I turned to walk away, he actually threw a hammer at me. My then-husband stopped the hammer from hurting me, but I remember being in absolute disbelief that a human being could do that.

This moment of disbelief is what Spirit was encouraging me to reprogram. They replayed that scenario on a higher frequency, and my SOUL actually turned back around with power and said “You can’t hurt me anymore!!”.

That’s it. Without blame, I took my personal power back. I accepted truth as truth, without fear and denial. I balanced the past imbalance of responsibility and understanding. And, simultaneously HEALED the belief that I couldn’t trust those behind me.

I’m not triggered by someone behind me any longer. And I’m not holding personal responsibility or concern for that soul’s choices any longer. I accept that it is HIS path and I am free to continue forward upon my journey without guilt. I am no longer bound to that brief moment in ancient history. I am free!!

This level of healing is taking place daily for my clients and students. By working with the Akashic Field of Light to see, understand, and reprogram the initial points of behavior patterning, we can SHIFT the energies and thought patterns in your current life.

This work is amazing!! Please contact me when you are ready to learn a bit more this empowering soul work. This is not something to run into. When it’s time, you’ll know. Your soul has to be ready to move on, to be free.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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