Mystical Musings

We Are ONE People

Let us rise…

To a place where the HUMAN RIGHTS of respect and compassion are a given.

We can easily align with countless stories of INJUSTICE taking place right now. We can allow our souls to begin raging within…as we identify with being ‘out of control’ in any particular situation. This is a time of great uncertainty.

In my personal opinion, ethical boundaries are being compromised and loosened at every turn, and many of our brothers and sisters (we are all one) are blindly focused upon their particular struggle for power and control.

My body can easily take sides and passionately express the truth that is flowing through me on lower frequencies of expression. BUT………I strive to remain centered and balanced.

All current conflicts, situations, and experiences are only SYMBOLIC of the greater karmic patterns in play. If I become focused on BEing ‘right’ about any particular side or opinion….I am separating my Spirit from all of the people, perceptions, and understandings upon the other side.

Nothing is that simple. It is always bigger than we imagine. And focusing upon what appears…keeps us from healing all at much deeper planes of BEing.

In order for me to be TRUE to my infinite Spirit……….I must begin aligning with HUMANKIND!!!!!

I believe that ALL sentient beings should be treated with kindness…and that should never be compromised. Never should we allow less than compassionate treatment for ANY bright soul.  Every soul should be RESPECTED for their various opinions and choices. Condemnation, punishment, and irreverent blame no longer fit into our visions of a Peace-filled community. TRUTH should be an uncompromisable standard, no matter the time or place. 

At some point…this must be our prayer!!

With a fire in my Spirit…….I am asking for JUSTICE to kindly take place for each and every bright soul!!!!!!!

No soul is greater than another!! No soul has the right to subjugate another.

Every soul is POWERFUL. 

Every soul has the RIGHT to be honored, respected, and accepted.


Lay down all weapons of subjugation, manipulation, and self-preservation.

We are ONE people.


And so this is my prayer on the higher planes of universal BEing.

Will you join me??

Our circle grows wider each day.

And so it is.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

2 thoughts on “We Are ONE People”

  1. Love! Yes, I understand. Though on some levels of ME, I struggle to love those who hurt others, who harm our environment, well, I know whatever angst I feel — indeed that comes back to hurt ME, as the cells of my body are listening! I want calm. I seek peace and truth. But to get there I must lay down my plowshare and love my enemies. So, I am with you. I will join. I will love. It is a conscious mindful choice of Will.


    1. It’s not easy. I’m having challenges with it also…in these moments (on a logical scale). But my heart is absolutely in resonance with PEACE flowing to all!!!! I feel deeply empowered when I am centered in that Peace…as if THESE authentically peaceful thoughts ARE making the difference. Thank YOU for joining me upon this transformational journey. I love you!!!! 🙂

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