Expanding Consciousness

Warriors of Light

“It is no great feat to be Light in the midst of only Light.”  ~ Divine Spirit

We, as the Warriors of Light, have been preparing for this exact moment!!

We are stepping into an epic age of transformation and evolution. Our apparent foundations of support and orderly structure are being prodded and pushed to the point of compromise and dissolution.

How does this make you feel?? How is your body reacting to these new frequencies of challenged peace and stability??

To be raw and real with you now, I’m feeling a bit nauseous about it all.

I strive to remain absolutely neutral about politics, but in all honesty, our newly elected commander in chief evokes pain and sadness in me. This is my current truth, but it’s not my highest truth.

Will you journey through this tale of evolving consciousness with me?? I’ll explain, and it will bring us to a heightened state of true peace and understanding.

I’ve had intense dreams my entire life (as far back in childhood as I can remember). In all of these innumerable dreams, “I” was responsible for saving the world, fighting demonic forces, and overcoming manipulative mind-controlling factions. I never feared for my life. I continuously used the power of my mind, my Light, and my intuition to face every struggle-filled scenario.

Without judgment, this taught me to sometimes sense the manipulative force beneath the surface in my everyday life. I could see the patterns of fear, abused power, false integrity, and manipulation in people I met…but others couldn’t see what I saw. So it continuously confirmed the belief that I was on my own against these shadowed forces.

For many years, I aggressively fought against injustice. I stood brave and strong against all perceived opponents. My eyes turned to fire, my words turned to finely sharpened blades of truth, and my spirit pushed firmly through til it found the ‘righteousness’ it was looking for.

I thought this was my way of protecting humanity. I thought I was brave. I wasn’t. I was ignorant, and systematically imposing my own perceived truth upon another. I was certainly a warrior, but I wasn’t yet a ‘warrior of light’.

As I awakened to higher consciousness, I began to witness the creation of community, nation, and civilization in my intuitive visions. When these societal structures (throughout time) were building themselves, all individual souls worked together with one common goal. Through my intuitive gifts, I could align with their consciousness and understand exactly how that particular community was thriving in peace and love.

I was also offered opportunities to witness the process of breakdown and disconnect within communities and civilizations throughout time. The one common element that was always present at the moment of pivotal transformation in these communities, was some sort of presence or faction that introduced force and aggression under the guise of ‘care’ for that community.

The promise of safety, security, and a better tomorrow has opened many doors to eventual tragedy and injustice. My body still reacts to that past truth. 

So, let’s factually acknowledge that when we’ve been faced with manipulative forces in the past, we’ve often participated in their game and surrendered to the shadowed perceptions of BEing.

BUT…we’re wiser now!! On a collective scale, we have a stronger sense of SELF than we’ve had in countless millennia. We recognize that we have POWER…and CHOICE. We are no longer who we once were. 

Now, let me update you on those dreams of ‘survival’ that I experienced for 40 years. I originally felt that they taught me to ‘power up’ against shadows and injustice in this earth life. Those dreams taught me to confidently use Light (standing in my divine truth) to battle the imposing forces that appeared. HOWEVER…these dreams have changed in the last year or two.

Suddenly I walk through these dreams as a WITNESS, not a participant!! I can sense the battle and the injustice as a personal CHOICE, not an imposed truth.

This is huge!! It tells me that when I am at the consciousness of BEing the ‘saviour’ and the ‘survivor’, I will always find an opportunity to play those roles. And when I evolve to the consciousness of knowing that everyone is responsible for their own personal experience, we will be able to WITNESS the struggle of others as a viable choice and option.

All manipulative forces can only be implied. It’s always our CHOICE to interact and participate in the experience or not. And, it is important to give every single soul the opportunity to participate freely, if they so desire. Without judgment, it is their truth.

Clearly, as a true Warrior of Light, I am now being offered an opportunity to STAND IN MY TRUTH without personally identifying with the ‘struggle’ and ‘pain’ that is being triggered by this new presentation of manipulative force. The battle is always illusion. A true warrior recognizes that illusion…and acts with awareness!!

This is why I’ve incarnated. Well, It’s a major reason that I’ve incarnated.

I am now being offered an opportunity to rePattern my past alignment with injustice and pain!! It is never imposed. We are never victims. Others are never pawns. We are never lost. True power is never misused. Even ‘manipulation’ is only a shallow perspective.

If I can personally move through this without personally entwining in feeling manipulated and imprisoned, I can HEAL the belief that this earth experience is inherently dense and struggle-filled!!!! How exciting is that??

So yes. My body is currently reacting to the dis-integrity upon display. But that physical reaction is taking place at a lower frequency of consciousness, a consciousness that aligns with the battle of Light and Dark that eternally tempts us upon the earth plane. I shall not accept this opportunity to passionately duel it out, this time around.

On a higher plane of bright consciousness, I am fully aligned with BEing the LIGHT in perfect divine truth!!

This is my chance. This is my chance to simply BE ME…without feeling imposed upon by any other force of chosen frequency!!

I don’t have to prove mySelf in any way!! I just have to BE ME…without compromising my truth for any perceived illusion or implied uncertainty.

My world is one of my own making!!


How about you??

If we can UNITE our efforts upon this front, then we’ll begin to build a new foundation of uncompromisable LIGHT in our commUnity. We’re the ones creating a NEW societal structure of Love and Truth!! 

Don’t give up.

Don’t doubt the mission that we’ve all prepared for.

I’m not alone anymore. That was all illusion too. Our collective consciousness is absolutely making the difference!!

Together, we are the change.

Stand with me. 

Choose love.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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