Emotional Authenticity

Emotions are high right now. Our bodies are reacting to unseen energies, and some of us are feeling greater guilt and confusion because of these emotions.

That just saddens me (authentically).

You always have the right to BE YOU!!

Although the higher states of truth, bring us to deep levels of peace and unyielding love within our lives, experiencing a full range of authentic emotion may be exactly what is needed to GET TO those higher states of authentic truth upon your particular journey.

There is no ideal state of BEing.

Yes. I absolutely trust that conflict is presenting itself in order to propel us higher into united consciousness and collective empowerment. It’s important to be centered in our hearts, and to BE THE LIGHT through these challenging times. But…never must we maintain these heightened states of wise and compassionate BEing in order to prove how enlightened we are.

Honoring our bodies, our emotions, and our shifting truths….no matter their authentic expression…is vital and imperative to reMembering that we are eternally perfect and beautiful as we are!!

If you are feeling any less than blissfully blessed in this moment, please HONOR YOUR TRUTH, in love. Your emotions are valid and purposeful.

I once asked Spirit, “Why must I still feel pain, when I’ve already discovered such incredible joy??”

My guides and guardians giggled at me. They knew that I was still believing that the struggle was coming from some outside source of BEing. They softened their energy, and compassionately replied, “If you are feeling it, it is coming from within.”

Our bodies and our emotions give VOICE to the memories, the beliefs, the identities we hold within!! Always. We will never align with the frequencies that don’t have resonance within.

So….although I believe that it is incredibly important to CHOOSE LOVE upon this particular transformational journey…I also believe that every one of our unique emotions and insecurities should be voiced, heard, and compassionately honored!!!

These traumatic experiences are bringing us an opportunity to SEE OURSELVES more clearly, to LOVE OURSELVES unconditionally, and to HONOR OURSELVES authentically!!!

Choose LOVE. But don’t rush through your authentic emotional states of BEing.

Once we give our thoughts, emotions, and truths voice…they have an opportunity to heal, evolve, and transform!!

Don’t measure yourSelf against another.

Honor your own precious truth.

You are loved!!!!

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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