Mystical Musings

Our “Tower of Babel”

Each of us has our own idea, interpretation, and understanding of what brings us higher into greatness, grandeur, success, peace, love, joy, and bliss. And each of us is naturally using these ideas, interpretations, and understandings to navigate through life the best we can.

In times of chaos and confusion, each of us subliminally translates all of the facts and perceptions through our own personal repertoire of belief, acceptance, and truth. 

This means that any single experience, can invoke countless understandings of the very same truth.

Wowwww!!! That’s profound.

This also means that we essentially speak different languages, without realizing it.

How many times does someone speak ‘full-on-crazy’ to you, with a straight face??

They can only do this because they are expressing their very unique truth to you, authentically!! It only sounds ‘full-on-crazy’ because your belief system is a bit different.

The fact is, that your authentic expression of truth sounds ‘full-on-crazy’ to them too.

Full agreement in this great big ever-growing community will never be. And, it never has to be for there to be respect, love, peace, and joy!!

The separation and confusion comes when we assume that others are supposed to be seeing as we do, when we assume that we know what is best for another (by our personal sense of truth), and when we ignorantly (simply without awareness) impose our truth and perception upon another.

If we all learned to express our personal truth, without envisioning any influence upon another, we would foster a free-spirited reality!! One that allows space for everyone’s individual beliefs and truths. All languages would be honored. All truths would be cherished.

How beautiful would that be??

I’m emotionally challenged just a bit this week. Not because others have varying and unique opinions from mine, but because they believe that they know what I am thinking (or should be thinking). It’s driving me just a bit batty.

At times, I’ve endeavored to explain why I feel the way I feel. But I see uniquely, and I lose them all (those anchored to their unique viewpoints) within the first few words.

So, I find myself feeling like the 5 year old that couldn’t be understood, all over again.

At 5, I chose to retreat and hide myself. That’s no longer a viable option for my bright spirit. But, it’s still important for me to find a healthy way to BE ME without needing to explain or earn approval.

And as I sit here this morning, considering what that healthy way may be, I glimpsed a vision of the Tower of Babel re-creating itself all over again!!

We are all seeking to excel upon our own path through. The distinctions that we acknowledge as differences, are only perception. The more that we align with only one ‘right’ way to be, the more we resist RISING in harmony.

Even our unique languages can only bring separation if we attempt to understand all through our own uncompromising language. It’s time to love our uniqueness…without asking others to agree and approve. It’s time to honor each other for the truth we all know and feel…without measuring it against the truth of another.

The symbolic tower is falling once again!! Will we allow ‘the fall’ to separate us or to unite us??

WE ARE ALL ONE!! No true separation can be.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

3 thoughts on “Our “Tower of Babel””

  1. I’m also noticing that the term, “like-minded” could be misleading also. Our words are so limiting, even when we speak the same language, so other than the fact we may be attracted to the same things, we still may not be of like-minds. Something to ponder.


    1. Yes. We lump a whole lot of assumption into our interpretation of “like-minded”. I agree. 🙂 But I want to thank you for reminding me about this post. I just re-read it, with fresh eyes, and it brings clarity to my current journey too. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

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