Choose Wisely

The easiest and surest way to give up our personal power, our freedom, our sense of security, peace, and value is to BELIEVE that we are without choice!!!

Never can that authentically be.

With every life-giving breath, infinite choices and opportunities flow.

At subconscious and conscious levels of being, we are actively aligning with one belief or another, creating personal experiences and potentialities in our own life.

Inwardly, outwardly, subtly, and not-so-subtly, we are continuously making choices that make a difference and set future patterns in motion.

But, as a reminder, the future is yet-to-be-determined. That’s YTBD, for short. And that means, that all future realities that cause our bodies to tense up and freeze in fear, horror and disbelief, are illusion-based!!

We often see the past re-creating itself, before it does. We often react to the illusionary stimuli that has or hasn’t revealed itself yet. But, never does the unveiling of a “big bad wolf” or a “bright saviour” have the right to distract our attention away from discerning what is our personal choice.

We effortlessly hold on to our personal power when we make choices that reflect our own inherent truth and beauty. Each time we redirect our energy to react to an outward force, we are essentially giving that outward force power over us.

We can absolutely change our desired path of expression and experience, as often as we’d organically like. But never should we feel that we have to change our course of action or belief,  in order to prepare for or shield against what appears outwardly.

Be the steadfast agent of your own truth!!

Be the director of your own reality!!

If your soul’s greatest desire is to live empowered and free, then continue with that choice as your conscious focus, no matter what the changing times and tides bring.

All infinite aspects of life and experience, will re-arrange themselves to honor your truth in your personal world. It’s the sacred law of free-will.

All forms of drama and chaos only call to you. They don’t actually pull you in. It’s all just an illusion.

What do you powerfully choose for yourself today??

© Alania Starhawk 2016


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