Emotional Candor

Are you feeling crabby, cranky, or downright cantankerous??

I hope not. But if you are, own it!! Claim your current emotional state of BEing as authentic and real. It, too, is a part of you.

I awoke early this morning feeling quite on edge and grumpy. That’s not a norm for me, and was in complete opposition to how I felt last night. So after trying to unsuccessfully force my mind, body, and spirit to “happiness” for about an hour or so, I decided to go back to sleep.

Perhaps I can awake feeling a bit more refreshed next time, and all will be well. So, I set an intention to remind myself of how blessed I am and how excited I am to live passionately. Then I cuddled up in blankets and went back into dream state.

About an hour or so later, I awoke to my dog incessantly whining in my ear. Aaaarrrgghh!!

I tried to think happy thoughts before opening my eyes. But I only became grumpier. And in the first 20 minutes of moving through my day, I became progressively grumpier.

This funky juju wasn’t budging. So I sat down to “listen” to mySelf, and sense greater truth. That’s when Peace finally began to flow through.

The emotions weren’t being imposed upon me from any outward point of being. They were the authentic VOICE of some particular part of “me”. 

Each time I tried to deny, squash, or stifle its expression, I sunk deeper into it. The emotional energy, that was already stored within my being, was looking for acceptance. It was seeking to be heard, so that it could grow, transform, and evolve in my current state of compassionate awareness.

A part of “me” was seeking to be elevated and healed. It was authentic and real. And I couldn’t find PEACE until I honored its free-expression first.

What a wonderful reminder. Our body, mind, and spirit are continuously giving voice to infinite aspects of our bright BEing. Without judgment, truth simply flows.

So I accepted ownership of my grumpy outlook. And without attaching it to any blame or cause in my physical life, I began to recognize that a part of me felt unseen, unappreciated, and undervalued. From that nonjudgmental state of authentic truth, I felt drained by others and I felt the need to continuously “start again” to maintain integrity and power upon my own path.

I “felt” all of this authentically. I could identify.

But, this is no longer my outlook in any way!! That was once a part of me. I once felt victimized and imprisoned by my situation, my circumstances, and my choices. However, I do NOT align with them anymore.

So, by giving VOICE to that part of “me” that was holding on to these false beliefs, I reCLAIMED my PERSONAL POWER!!! I drew that bit of scattered and distracted energy back into mySelf.

How empowering.

Never do our emotions initiate themselves outwardly. Never can we blame another for that which we feel within. If we are feeling it, a part of our bright spirit is aligning with it. Our emotions are simply giving voice to these authentic aspects of ourSelf.

Be kind to yourSelf. Trust your own truth. Love every magnificent part of “you”!!

© Alania Starhawk 2016


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