The Whispers of “What If?”

The whispers of “What If?” are everywhere!! No matter how positive I strive to remain about the unseen and yet-to-be-determined realities, the whispers of an uncertain world still touch me.

But as I am faced with one too many negative whispers of what ‘could be’ this morning, I am reminded that LIFE, and all of its infinite variables of being, won’t stop BEing. It doesn’t need to. Ever. 

I am the maker, designer, and all-round-birth-giving-mama of my own reality!! 

The whispers can whisper all they want. My spirit will choose LOVE every time.

I choose logic-defying miracles, all-encompassing wonder, and ever-flowing magical juju of the very best variety. 

May all universal SOURCE see me…..and lovingly support, guide, inspire, feed, and uplift me. In all moments. In all ways.

I choose LOVE. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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