Channeled Messages

Live-Wired and Lovin’ It

The more I clear old and limiting thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs, the more I feel amped up and connected to the infinite flow of divine SOURCE.

That’s right. After every bout of fear-facing, self-questioning drama, I become a clearer CHANNEL for universal Source to move and groove through!!

And so do you.

You see, every time I recognize an old and outdated pattern of thought in my life, I bravely face it as best as I can. I look right at that individual thread of stinky-thinking and remind mySelf that “I no longer align w ith that perception of truth!!”. I then redirect my attention towards affirming the positive, the wondrous, and the remarkable about me, mySelf, and my life.

It’s a new year, filled with new dreams, new goals, and new bright visions of what can be. We must all take care not see ourSelves as the same force of ‘nature’ that we were last year.

We’ve evolved!!! We’re able to let in a bit more love, a bit more truth, a bit more joy, and a bit more extraordinary everything….simply because we’re ready for the next evolutionary step in our own soul’s awakening.

Spirit was kind enough to remind me yesterday that our divine NATURE is absolute and unchanging. It is only our understanding of that nature that continuously expands, evolves, and transforms.

Clearly stated, I have never been any less brilliant and fantastical than I am at this moment or any other moment. My LIGHT is constant and pristine. But….my understanding of that Light can shift, turn, spiral, and flip in countless ways as I learn to recognize that Light as it most authentically is.

We already are magnificent!! We only need be accepting of that immutable truth.

Something has most authentically shifted in the way I see mySelf recently. I feel as though I’m on top of this peerless mountain, calling all PRIMAL force and energy to mySelf. We can consider it “live-wired” if we’d like, because the energy is flowing non-stop.

It’s been this way for a few weeks now. I’m more energized than I’ve been in decades, and everything seems to be birthing itself for me.

I’m lovin’ the excitement and bright anticipation that this energy brings. But I’m also beginning to notice that it’s a pretty high vibration to maintain. I have just a bit of concern about ‘crashing’ at some inopportune time.

Whewww!! I don’t even like admitting that. But it’s true. So I asked Spirit for guidance last night. Would you like to know what they shared??

This force of primal, life-creating and affirming energy is continuously flowing to each and every one of us in all moments!!  Without exception. It touches us all. But if we hold onto beliefs and thought-patterns that align us with doubt, fear, questioning self-worth, guilt, and/or shame…we are blocking this flow of life-force from our energy field in some way.

We are in control of how much connection we are comfortable with. 

All of the work I’ve been doing to clear my own outdated insecurities, has brought me greater freedom and much less resistance to the blessings that can be. Yayyyyy!!!! But now, I’m learning to align with this new level of intense flow.

Dear Spirit, do you have a message of support and guidance for me??

Sweet One!! How ecstatic we are to watch you step into your power, your birth-right, your truth. You’ve been preparing for this. And still, you are yet to see and sense what it is really about.

You’re on a path of discovery. One that is detached from any particular time and space. You’re beginning to act, react, and create on a SOUL level…which allows you to effortlessly bypass the surface insecurities and distractions that appear.

You’re receiving insights and guidance from a deeper state of conscious connection. And since you currently have no resistance to this level of connection, you are benefitting from the high-frequency life-force that moves through.

This is your natural state of BEing. It is not new to you. But it does require a bit of ‘hands-off’ control. Meaning, that you must begin to recognize that you are in harmony and union with divine source!! And even though, you cannot validate every nuance of support and assistance, it does most authentically flow.

You have expanded your sense of ‘self’ to incorporate multi-dimensional aspects of your authentic BEing into the physical realm of experience and expression.

Hold on!! The more you trust this divine connection and flow, the more it FEEDS your chosen reality.

You’re not alone. You are loved. You are treasured. You are supported. You are ‘home’.

Whewwww!! Thank YOU. I understand. How beautiful. How sacred. How perfect.

I am loved. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2017



4 thoughts on “Live-Wired and Lovin’ It”

  1. Thank you for sharing. We are opening and I embrace and welcome the understanding as I am given. In America we will be experiencing much change due to our new government. I feel that there is deeper meaning surrounding this change and I await the outcome.


    1. You inspire me Gretchen!! My spirit always soars to wrap around yours for a moment when I see your name. I agree with you about the government completely. From my insight, I see that ‘power’ is being placed back in our hands (the hands of the collective). Now we have to decide what we’re going to do with that power. When guided, I’ll write about it. But for now, I hold space. Love you!!!


      1. Hopefully the expanding consciousness of the collective will not abuse. I find it interesting that as veils are disappearing so is the doingness. I can only hold the space…..nothing else. Such a relief this. Many blessings.


      2. It’s so possible for me to identify with the blind chaos and disempowerment that is taking place right now. But that viewpoint only entangles me in the perception of victimhood and disempowerment. So i authentically do my best to align my heart with all the prayers across the globe that are compassionately envisioning peace, truth, love, justice, kindness, and sisterhood/brotherhood. If we can dream it, so it can be. That’s our soul mission right now!!!! To hold onto that vision, no matter what appears!!! We’re the bringers of a NEW way. You and I make the difference…together!!! LOVE YOU!!!

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