Mystical Musings

Receptive Mode: On

All life moves through in cycles that honor every nuance of ‘up and down’, ‘new and old’, and ‘to and fro’. We watch the ocean waves move in and out, the sun rise and set, and our breath continuously move in a pattern of intake of release.

All nature is guided to move powerfully through its experience, while finding balance and order upon its impressive path.

This truth relates to us as well. There is time to cry and time to smile, time to shake our tail-feathers and time to sit in savasana. And today, after weeks of BEing in full-forward motion (mentally and physically), without compromise or surrender, I realize that I’d like to shift it all up a bit.

Today I’d like to explore the power of simply BEing (with extra focus upon the ‘simple’ aspect), while continuing to productively create, birth, seed, feed, and shape my reality at some core point of authentic truth.

I don’t believe that I need to retreat from ‘creative mode’ in order to rejuvenate my mind, body, and spirit. I just need to switch my POWER MODE to Receptive.

Whewwww!! That’s a big awareness for me.

All doesn’t come to a stand-still the moment I draw back a step or two from controlling every nuance from this earthen form.

I choose auto-pilot today.

Thank you.

May my higher self, my guides and guardians, all elemental support, spiritual support, and universal support LOVINGLY DIRECT every bright and beautiful blessing to me effortlessly!! 

I am in full-on receptive mode.

Bring it to me.

Today, my only job is to RECEIVE.

Two days ago, everyone I met was complimenting me, lifting me up, or gifting me in some way. In fact, the beautiful roses, shared above, were a happy surprise ‘just because’ gift from a truly sweet soulSister of mine.

The opportunity to ‘receive’ as a balanced way through was being offered, but I wasn’t yet trusting enough to accept this path as purposeful and productive.

Today, I am.

May all of the beauty I am worthy flow in abundantly. I am now fully ready to receive!!

© Alania Starhawk 2017

3 thoughts on “Receptive Mode: On”

  1. Perhaps being stuck, immobilized, drowning in whatever lifts upon reactivating the receive button. Whenever I forget and think that I am in charge and can do something I eventually find myself circling the drain. The sooner I relinquish despair the sooner I am led to my Self. How dear is life.


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