Affirmations and Invocations

“Inauguration” of Peace

Human evolution is moving forward today. 

It may not be apparent or clear to our human eyes and ears. But, human evolution is moving forward today.

Somehow, in this great big universal totality of BEing, all is in perfect alignment to move us forward into an epic time of change, transformation, and reBirth.

Hold onto that vision as your focus today.

Breathe LOVE into this earth plane. Support the larger paradigm of ONE LIGHT and PEACE. 

Don’t feed the discord, or the chaotic storylines. Don’t participate in the surface-based illusions. Hold on to the knowing that We, as a race, choose Peace.


BE TRUTH, in action.




© Alania Starhawk 2017


3 thoughts on ““Inauguration” of Peace”

  1. Yes dear, Love. Allow. Balance. Harmony. Duality ebbs and flows, painting always a picture with varying hues and textures.
    It is always about the Contrast! Why? So YOU can choose your preferences.
    No is yes. No includes. So, instead of saying No, it is much easier on you, on all, if you be that sifter of experience and (hocus, pocus) Focus on all you love and FEEL good (yes) about. OM


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