Love My Self, Love My Body

To be honest, my body is a bit creakier, crackier, and all-round slower, swollen, and stiff these last few weeks. I notice the difference because I have worked very hard to move towards healthy living, and BEing, over these last few years.

The shift in consciousness has already been made. I don’t (usually) align with processed sugars, carbs, gluten, and packaged foods. I don’t diet. I just make yummy, natural choices for food….and then my body moves more graceful and energized through life.

So why am I a bit off-kilter this morning?? Because I recognize that I’ve been in “go-mode” for so long…..that I’m not taking the time to LOVE and HONOR my Self, my body, and my eating choices.

To start with, my body requires massive amounts of WATER to keep me hydrated and refreshed. I know this. And yet, I have been resisting water-intake (honestly). Carbs, sugars, and processed foods were at a 10 to 15% level of intake a few weeks/months ago. Now, they’re at a 30 to 40% intake (at least).

I love my veggies. I love my protein-based way of eating.

So, why has it shifted??

In this moment of clarity and self-reflection, I recognize that I have placed mySELF on the back burner of self-worth, in comparison to all the exciting manifestations that are taking place in my world. 

It wasn’t intentional, and I certainly didn’t notice that I was doing so. It was lots of little choices to ‘deny my body’ the nutrients it requires to function at full-capacity. But it has recently culminated to this slower, puffier, aspect of ME……….so that I may recognize the shift in a clear and undeniable way.

I authentically believe that NO foods are right or wrong, ever. But I am aware that all foods affect my body differently.

My intention and prayer is to welcome into my Self, all that nurtures, empowers, and energizes this beautiful body of mine!!!!

And that pattern of self-care becomes EASY, the moment that I place my sweet, radiant, ever-worthy Self as a priority!!

For me, I will change my thoughts to see all food and nutritional intake FEED-ing my body and my Self. I will envision all water and green juices CLEAR-ing the toxins from my body and my Self. And I will make time to BLESS all that touches and enters into my life, my body, and my ever-flowing Self.

The greatest SHIFT that is needed, is one of conscious awareness!!! 

Today and all days, I LOVE MYSELF enough, to treat mySelf with kindness, care, love, and nurturing support.

Simply said:

“Me” first.

“Me” first.

“Me” first.

© Alania Starhawk 2017


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