Spirit Teachings

Our Natural State of BEing

We are all BEings of brilliant Light, infinite Potential, and FREEspirit. 

But we don’t often have full reMembrance of this immutable Truth. We walk through Life questioning ourSelf, doubting our own sacred Power, and accepting that which ‘appears’ as formidable and factual.

We forget that Life is ever-flowing, ever-changing, and full of wonder in every way.

Are you ready to SHED all that lies in oppposition to our illuminated TRUTH?? Are you ready to welcome the most pristine aspects of yourSelf into manifest BEing??

Our most natural state of BEing, is currently hidden deeply under layers of false perception, judgment, emotional wound, and learned insecurity. But, it remains pure and untainted, waiting for us each to RISE in awareness, by disEmpowering every false and limiting belief and truth that lies in opposition.

We’ve come to THIS point of forgetfulness, because we have accepted someone else’s implied truth and perception over our own, over and over again. We continuously silenced our own sacred voice (the one that is ever-connected, loving, and supportive), so that we may accept the voice of another as purposeful and true. We innocently accepted that they had greater authority over own path, than we do. We easily assumed that they held greater wisdom in regards to our journey, than we do.

These accepted false truths and emotional wounds that keep us separate from our most natural state of BEing, are often ANCIENT PATTERNS of disconnect. We recycle these old patterns in this life, because it is currently what we align with. But we can shift that!! We can heal all false patterning, and reProgram our Truth Codes to align with all that is Love, Support, Peace, and Empowerment!! With focus and intention, we can bring ourSelves back to our most natural state of authentic, Light-filled BEing.

As a Divine Channel, I work within the Akashic Field of Light to bring healing to those original points of separation and fear. Through prayer and compassion, we welcome reMembrance of the ancient tales and experiences……and then lift those original perceptions to higher points of awareness.

In each soul memory that we bring Light to, there is an aspect of our Soul still connected to that original wound. At some level of conscious BEing, that aspect of our Soul is replaying that moment of stress, conflict, and pain continuously. 

But, with the support and Love of our Guides and Guardians, we shift the original point of misperception and separation. We heal that aspect of our Soul that has felt trapped and alone. We bring them BACK into union with our higher Self and the reMembrance that we are Infinite and Pure.

I love this work. I’ve witnessed miracles upon miracles take place, because we are brave enough to step into LOVE without doubt and fear. We are READY to blissfully return to our most natural state of divine BEing.

But last night, in a full night of dream teachings, I saw it all a bit more clear. I lucidly watched mySelf, and countless others, follow the guidance and paths that were laid out before us, without questioning them as worthy or ‘right’ for our personal journey. 

We had so believed that we didn’t have a choice, that we became an intimate part of each tragic tale. I watched innocent ones become part of brutal conflict because they felt that they didn’t have a choice. I watched innocent ones place the benefit and comfort of others above their own, because they felt that they didn’t have a choice. And I watched innocent ones run and hide, creating a false perception of safety, because they felt that they didn’t have a choice.

Each time they participated in a false paradigm of Truth, they incurred a wound. Sometimes their sense of sovereign Self was struck down so completely, that I saw an aspect of their physical self fall away. Clearly stated, I watched their limbs, heads, and body parts fall to the floor. But they would pick up that ‘fallen’ aspect of Self, and place it back in its original place. They never paused to feel the pain of separation, or to see that something major had just shifted in their energy.

When they placed those ‘fallen’ aspects of Self back into place, the life-force in that particular part of the body was dulled to almost non-existent. It’s as if parts of their divine Self had become zombie-like. 

They each continued to move forward in their journey, as if nothing had happened. How often do we do this?? Can you not identify??

These dreams continued all night. I was able to see more clearly as they continued on. They were not brought so that I could identify with the wounds, and the victimhood. They were brought to me so that I could recognize how REAL the separation of Self can authentically be, for many of us.

Many of us have an awareness of not BEing our brightest Self in this moment. So we strive forward, upon our journey of awakening. But, the truth is, that we have actually FORGOTTEN who we truly are!!!!

We make great attempts to reclaim our soul’s most inherent Truth. But the greatest Truth currently lies outside our state of comfortable comprehension. So, we begin by healing every single thought within our BEing that makes us feel limited, alone, uncertain, unsafe, and insecure. With each step closer to the original Truth, we reMember.

We are all BEings of brilliant Light, infinite Potential, and FREEspirit. 

All else is false perception and creative illusion.

Claim your most authentic Truth.

You are Love.

You are Light.

You are Life.

Infinite potential and magic flows through your veins. You are of the Sacred Ones and the Wise Ones!! You are authentically beautiful as you are.

Wake up, my brothers and sisters!!

You are perfect as you are.

©Alania Starhawk 2017

3 thoughts on “Our Natural State of BEing”

  1. Wow ! So incredibly powerful! Really resonated with me. I am looking forward to tonight’s teleconference. Love ❤️ you❣ Joy

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  2. Ahh when I read the words, “…innocently accepted that they had greater authority over own path…” I recalled how some have bullied me, and used to judge me with a critical eye. Mostly, teachers, spouses, bosses, but yes, even some friends!! So, what strength in ME, have I been denying that created –or attracted those people to me? I will read again and ponder. I do not feel limited, alone, insecure, or uncertain. I feel pushed upon. I know I am powerful though. But somehow I feel I need to be given permission to be bold. I have never felt like a victim, only suppressed.


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