Expanding Consciousness

ReInterpreting “Responsibility”

How often are our actions guided by a sense of false responsibility??

I find my body reacting to some subconscious, and forced, drive to “be responsible” today. As if every single choice I’m making for my soul’s growth and expansion is somehow in opposition to the chore of “being responsible”.

I recognize that this is an old and limiting belief. One that is based in fear and lack. But my body is actually feeling unsafe, and it’s uncomfortable.

It makes no rational sense. I am very well organized and aligned with all of the honorable tasks Life presents. I’m in a blessed space. Yet, if I listen to my body, it is authentically feeling unsafe, at some level. It feels as though my choices to express mySelf freely, are making me more vulnerable to the insecurities that Life creates.

Aaaaahhhh…I understand now.

This sense of insecurity and imbalanced “responsility” is my Dad’s ancient programming!! This is his perception of reality, revealing that it still has a subconscious hold on me. Wowwwww!! This is profound. 

My Dad is on the higher planes of ecstatic BEing now. He is a beautiful force of inspiration from the other-side. But when he was in his earthly form, he had a great passion and talent for encouraging mySelf, and others, to feel guilty and ashamed for not working HARD every moment, of every day.

Responsibility, in the very strictest and structured form, guided his every choice. But that is NO way to live!! I rebelled against it, as long as I can remember. So you’ll understand how frustrated I am now, to notice that I’ve subconsciously adopted some of his perceptions as my own. Aaaaaarrrgghhhh!! (((Smile)))

Let’s HEAL this false perception, right now!! 

I no longer align with BEing unsafe, insecure, vulnerable, irresponsible, booby-trap-friendly, or unworthy in ANY way!!! I am safe, secure, and blessed in ALL blissful moments!!

I am the creator of my own reality. I welcome all that supports my bright journey. I walk with INFINITE RAYS of Divine Light, Angelic Presence, and Compassionate Joy!!

There is nothing to defend or protect against. 

I am my own SOURCE of Joy, Love, Peace, and Prosperity!!

I AM. ♥

My soul always knows what is best for my journey forward into self-discovery and joyful awareness. I step forward freely, trusting that there is no place else I “need” be, in order to honor all that is beneficial, supportive, and nurturing upon my own soul’s uniquely-inspired journey.

All perceptions of false responsibility are fundamentally shed and released. I am clear, content, and at peace….within and throughout.

Namaste’ ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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