Channeled Messages

“Life” As A Force of Infinite BEing

There are moments when my Soul is so fully elated in higher Truth, that this manifest-world of physical nature becomes the Dream.

In these moments, understanding of this infinite nature, that normally lies beyond a veil of doubt, confusion, and separation, is clear and present within my conscious awareness and “I” feel the FORCE of all Life’s potential flowing through me.

These are the moments that remind me of who I am.

Sometimes I share these experiences, with you, in as powerful a way as I know how. And sometimes, I mute these experiences quite a bit, in effort to keep them pure for mySelf.

It’s true.

As much as I do share with you. I haven’t begun to share the most EPIC elements of my experience. That tendency, to tame some of my Truth, comes from a subconscious desire to “shield and protect” the deeper and most sacred Truths. As if holding them, in silent reverence, will honor their essence.

But, while in France, I was asked by Spirit, to begin sharing the hidden mysteries!! I was asked to begin sharing the deeper Truths that may not be understood by all, but would speak to those who sought this wisdom and knowledge.

It’s time to remove the veils of separation, and plant the seeds of emPowerment and Light upon this earth plane.

In the stillness of an early morning channeling, I felt my body open to a greater presence. I sensed an immense Force of gentle golden energy move towards me, and I heard these power-filled words:

I am You.

You are Me.

We are ONE in infinite knowing and divine grace.

Moving through human ecstasy, one heartbeat at a time.

Stepping in, and out of, divine flow, by choice.

It’s clear.

With awareness, dear one, we open the gate to inner source.

Moving beyond that which is here or there.

Becoming the All.

Becoming the One.

See no separation.

See no limitation.

See only Life moving through, in fluid motion.

To touch, to feed, to emPower all expression, all truth, all beingness.

This Life is neutral.

It is Force
It is Source
It is Light
It is Power

…of the most pure and pristine nature.

In love, for the art of being, it can be shaped and molded, by will and force.

It responds to your direction, to your prayer, to your desire.

It yields to your command.

As you are it and it is you.

One Fire
One Flame
One expression of Divine Beingness.

Be clear, dear one.

Nothing outside of your all-encompassing awareness, directs your experience.

Life, in all of its infinite wonder, only supports your experience.

It is intuitive, and responds to your direction.

This is why planes of higher consciousness begin to open, once you are ready to explore them.

This is why all becomes ease-filled and effortless, when you are in Joy and Love.

When your heart senses only Beauty, only Beauty shapes each experience.

We tell you, strongly…

All sense of resistance and limitation, lies within, and creates a path of Struggle for you to know outwardly.

Life is neutral.
It is Power.
It is Force.

It bows down to your will.


It is You.

You are It.

Move beyond the concept of being small, and bound to any single moment or identity.

See yourSelf in wholeness, as Life itself.

See yourSelf…

As the Peace you wish to know.

As the Love you wish to embody.

As the Joy you wish to embrace.

Become that which you seek, by will.

Innocently become that which you wish to be.

Breathe Life into Form.

Breathe Life into manifest BEing.

Be the conduit, the vessel, the channel for Life, in its infinite wonder, to be.

Hold back no more. 
Shield yourSelf no more.

You are no longer comfortable in your limited expression of being.

The Fire is aflame.

The Phoenix has risen.

The Golden One, we speak of, is YOU in your most natural state of pristine Being.

A timeless one, pure and magnificent.

The Light you seek is not “with” you.

It is you.

The initiation you stepped into, is of remembrance.

You are more than you see, in every regard.

You are not this body.

You are not this mind.

You are not this string of choices in space and time.

You are the Force of LIFE itself, moving through this moment and all moments, simultaneously.

With awareness, your understanding of Life can shift, from here to there to everywhere.

No moment
No plane of existence
No bound…

Can contain you in full essence of BEing.

You are infinite in nature.

Held down to no law, beyond those You enact for yourSelf.

When we say, “Be Free”

We say, “Imagine your Life beyond boundaries of conformity and order”.

Imagine the infinite as your breath, your spirit, and your mind.

Shatter the paradigm of current awareness, if you must.

It will always be there to participate in, at will.


To ‘know’ Life beyond your current understanding, is your desire.

To be boundless and infinite, is your wish.

It calls to you!!

Be free.

The Halls of Amenti only tether those who wish to be held.

To say “You are free of the Halls of Amenti”, is to say that no single aspect of Light, no matter how great, can define YOU in any way.

You can come and go, to participate in the Dream.

But bound, you are not.

Free you are.

To see clearly.

To know Love.

In its original nature
In its most natural form.

Anytime we question what will be, we deny the awesome-force that we most naturally are.

We are only limited by the constructs of our own thoughts and beliefs. Release all attachment to “the limited”, in concept, and “the limited” no longer can exist within our personal experience.

Even when they speak of the Halls of Amenti, they remind us that we are only bound to this “cycle of Life” (the perception that it has a beginning and an end) as long as we see ourSelves as limited and separate in some way. Once we reMember that we are the Atman – the great infinite spirit that emPowers all Life – we could not experience ourSelves as any less.

Tales of our inferiority and insignificance no longer bind us. We are FREE to create our own experiences as we choose. 

We are the masters, remembering that all Life is our masterpiece.

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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