Channeled Messages

Healing Humanity’s Ancient Trauma

We are vessels of Pure Light, planting seeds of LOVE and kindness wherever we walk!! You, and I, perpetually shifting the tides towards DIVINE ESSENCE and grace, with each thought, action, and prayer.

While in England and France, recently, I walked through the halls of many ancient, abandoned, and ruined spaces. Some were majestic and filled with Light. And some held the energies of loss, imprisonment, and fear.

I celebrated the beauty-filled, and did much healing work upon that which was shadowed. More times than I can count, I pierced through dimensions of time and space, to reprogram all that was unjust and impure.

All this healing work, in service to the Light, changes a girl. I see this now.

To witness all that I witness, and to remain untouched, is not as easy it sounds. Which explains all of my deeper processing of Life over this last month or two.

Just a moment ago, I came across a channeling in my journal. It was recorded at 1:30am, just a few days after my return. It tells an incredible story of the healing work I continued to facilitate, even from my bedroom, back home.

This healing experience had completely escaped my memory, until just now. Would you like to witness this experience too?? I share it with you, to remind you, that your prayers and loving actions make a great difference in this world!!


These words are transcribed exactly, from my journal, dated April 17th, 2017. Spirit’s voice is in blue. The first words written are “Oh, hell no!! Turned over in bed, feeling Nauseous!!”.

That nausea is what initiates this healing session:

Angels of Light and Healing, I call upon you now. Be present with me now. Show me the path through this moment of clearing and cleansing.

I’m so nauseous, it’s hard to sense Spirit.


I call upon the Light to fill me now!! Surround me now!! Bless me now!!

May all that is unserving, be cleared NOW.

May all that is not mine, be cleared NOW.

I sense Darkness Pure coming from the weathered stones of one of the castles or ancient places in Europe.

DARKNESS PURE!! It’s looking for an outlet to clear itself from. 

It’s time to be cleansed.

Masters of Light!! Ancient Ones!! This darkness does NOT have to come through me to be healed!! I am Holy, and will not compromise my Light for any single moment.

Masters of Light!! Ancient Ones!! Please gather to surround the places of pain and darkness, and begin the cleansing NOW.

Within and throughout, cleanse, clear, and energize!!

Free this earth plane from all that is dense and unserving. Clear the way, that Love may be seeded once again.

I sense the dark stones, the ancient rubbed stones, keeping the pain and torture recorded for all time. I call upon the Crystal Realm, to cleanse your own!!

Breathe Life back into your brothers. Free them from being witness to all these horrific crimes. Free the souls who are entwined. Free the victims. Free all that perpetuates. Free those who hold guilt and those who hold blame. Free those in fear and those who are unclear.

Let those stones now be blessed. Let the healing be manifest.

Within and throughout, let there BE only Love.

May Light permeate through all that has been forgotten, uncared for, and unseen.

Let LIGHT reconfigure the molecular make-up of each recorded tragedy.

Let the trauma be healed. Let the pain be cleansed. May their voices be heard. May their souls be embraced. In the Light, forever more. Let there be Love planted and anchored.

Today is the day, that Peace finds a way.

Breathe Life in. Clear deeply. Cleanse all.

I am feeling better. Not 100%, but better.

So please show me, what else is needed??

The beacon is open. The healing is becoming manifest. The stones are cleansed. 

What else is needed??

The sense of loss is great. Many witnessed the horrors.

How do I clear that memory from perpetuating forward in timelines and generational lines?? How do we go even deeper??

Listen, my dear, to a story untold, of a rich miser, more in love with gold and his growing wealth than any other luxury life could behold.

Blinded to kindness, he was.

Perceiving kindness as weakness. He considered it as the downfall for his empire, and for all that he held dear.

But his mind was not silent. Tortured with all the misdeeds he incurred. Voices from the shadows, from the past, accompanied each step and each breath.

So further and further from kindness, he grew. Quite inhuman in his approach to the world, to all that showed beauty, to all that was pure.

Fearful all were, to stand up to this Lord. Fearful of torture, but more fearful of Hell.

This one we speak of, represented the Church. Falsely presenting himself as carrying the word of God, within and throughout. Exacting “righteous” punishment from all he deemed impure.

The victims were too many to count. Both first hand, and through the ripples of time. 

The tides were building ever more in his gruesome favor.

The seeds were planted, for a dark, dense world, untouched by kindness, creativity, or love.

Time passed on, and one ruler after the other, replaced his cruel ways. Simply because no bright soul could endure the legacy that had been laid.

Brutality resumed, but with less fervor, because the darkness that had been planted, drove souls mad and insane. They became bottled-up and self-protective, with no great will to exact brutality outwardly.

The future generations were lost in the cloud of unjust trauma that had been. 

Countless years have passed. Tenants have come and gone. But still those walls have haunted countless pure and beautiful souls. 

Your healing here, tonight, has shifted it all. 

Your Love has cleared a path for new birth to be found.

This is what you do.

You go into the shadowed spaces, and breathe Life in, renewing it, to be free again!!

You do it with people, places, and things.

Never give up!! It’s your innocent heart that brings it all together, weaving a new story of divine Light and grace.

Thank you!! Shall I ask a location??

Does it matter to you?? The healing is manifest. All is well. ♥

It feels important to share this with you now, because it teaches us how patterns of shadow and disgrace can perpetuate, or be cleansed.

You can see clearly, that it is only my fierce HEART that manifest this transformation. Without judgment, I, aligned with all bright Guardians of Light, created space for the NEW to be anchored in.

You have the ability to do THIS same thing, in your life, in your world, and in your dreams. Direct LOVE into the space, and watch all transform.


Be. Love.

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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