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The Beauty in Non-Conformity

We’d like to see ourSelves, and all humanity, fit into cookie-cutter patterns and forms of identity. But that can never be, authentically.

We are each energetic in form, and more diverse than our intellect can perceive.

So why attempt to ‘know’ another’s identity, when they themselves are progressively discovering that Truth for themselves each day??

Can people not simply BE ‘people’??

Can we not greet each soul with new eyes, and welcome each moment with a fresh outlook?? Does it feel too ‘out of control’ to not characterize ourselves and those we meet??

Imagine a world where each experience was freshly embraced, and not already encoded with the indoctrination which tells us what to expect. Would we be more open and receptive?? Less defensive?? More passionate?? Less cautious?? 

Are our tendencies to hold someone or some moment ‘accountable’ for actions and choices that were never made in the Now, actually limiting ourSelves and the potential that can be??

Each day our thoughts and beliefs are either feeding an organized structure of defined reality, or feeding the true sense of Freedom that can be. But how can we ever imagine what that means, if the cookie-cutter patterns of identity are all we’ve ever known??

Are we ready to see the Beauty in non-conformity??

Even now…doesn’t that word sound a bit dirty and divergent??

We’ve been taught that non-conformity is a flaw, an unnatural tendency to control, within ourSelves. We’ve been taught that it brings shame and ridicule. But what if it simply means that YOU get to decide your unique destiny, because no pre-cut form or expectation can justly guide your way through?!?!

Embrace yourSelf, without concern for what that rationally means.

Simply BE. ♥

If each of us focused upon loving and accepting ourSelves today, our collective consciousness would instantly SHIFT from fear, judgment, and limitation to Love!!

It’s that simple. But where do we gently begin??

The answer is always: “Within.”

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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