My Own “Perfect” Path

I’ve been seeing mySelf as thankfully DIFFERENT my entire life, because I never wished to align with many of the choices, concerns, and actions of others. I always claimed a bit of personal pride for BEing UNIQUE in comparison to the ‘norm’. And although that bit of crazy unbridled fire that makes me uniquely “me” is continuously expressed in varying ways……….I find that the element of DIFFERENT needs to be there in order for me to feel at Home within mySelf.

I’m just becoming aware of this nuance in my sense of IDENTITY this morning.

Truly!! As I tap into an INFINITE force of cosmic golden Light within my BEing……..I realize that I am still seeing mySelf in relation to what appears outwardly!!!!!! Can you believe it?? How did I miss that?? (((Smile)))

The TRUTH is that I am just “ME”………perfect and beautiful as I am. 

I do not need to be ‘in comparison to’ any varying force. I simply am, as I am.

I was born with a fire to mark my own path, and forge my own purposeful way. And I believed that I needed to stand up to injustice and unrighteous authority at every step. But that was all a big ‘ol waste (not really because all really is perfect) of cosmic grace and time!! My CHOSEN PATH is absolutely perfect……always.

I need not prove it to another, or gain companionship upon it, in order to validate its appropriateness for me. BEing “me” doesn’t make me odd, crazy, unique, eccentric, or different. It just makes me PERFECT….as I am.

And if you missed what was being communicated between the lines……..this also implies that EVERYONE’s PATH IS PERFECT tooooooooooo!!!

By me needing to be ‘different’ in order to be at Home within mySelf, I was subconsciously judging ‘them’ as crazy, odd, and full-fledged bullwacky (by my own set of ideal standards). It made me feel a bit superior in my own choices….even though BEing ‘different’ is usually a bit more complicated than following the well-worn sheopled path.

Here and now, I’m asking all UNIVERSAL SOURCE to clear all programming and perception that encourages me to see mySelf in relation to another!! All forms of measurement are arbitrary and subjective. I choose to embrace the HIGHEST points of Truth and Light. 

Lift me higher, so I may SEE MYSELF as perfect, pure, and wondrous……………while recognizing that every other soul SHINES just as brightly!!! 

It’s all a privileged choice to BE our own form of ‘perfect’.

There is no right or wrong!! Ever. Which also reminds me that I never need to defend my choices, or explain why they are important to me.

My choices do not reflect upon another’s value and truth either!!

Imagine a world, filled with a kajillion-billion souls all in LOVE with themSelves, as they are. There would be no more searching, yearning, clawing, and grasping to prove their righteous stance to another. There would only be self-created passionate expression as far as the eye (and heart) could see.

That’s the world I wish to feed.

So….to be clear…..”I LOVE YOU” just the way you are. 


© Alania Starhawk 2017


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