Channeled Messages

BEing of Service and Light

I’ve grown in power this year. I stand more confidently in my own Light, and authentically trust that this “Light” is something greater than I can ever fully recognize or comprehend. And that’s perfectly ok.

By accepting that I just don’t know what I don’t know, it has allowed me to surrender to the infinite flow a bit more. It has allowed me to welcome all of the ever-present universal support without resistance, doubt, or fear. I fully trust that only Blessings and Love flow to me, because it is what I am absolutely worthy of.

I envision BEing lovingly held at the center of all universal creation, and all that I require flows to me with ease and grace!! We all have this privileged way of looking at Life. We are just learning to be comfortable in handing over that much perceived-control to elements that we can not see, fully comprehend, or validate.  

In order to do this, it moves beyond the concept of Faith. It moves into the realm of clear and absolute Knowing, within your heart-space, that the unseen wonders of BEing are authentically real and true. They are connected to our own intimate Life experience, and wish to participate as much as we allow them to.

When I’m clear, and in my personal power, this is the way I see Life. I simultaneously have a beautiful, amazing, and awe-inspiring experience that I share with all that is physical, present, and verifiable; and I also have a phenomenal, epically-wondrous, and intangible experience with Spirit (that which all-connected and all-pervading). Spirit moves through the energy of all things, seen and unseen. It is the consciousness of You and I (from our highest point of True BEing), the Stars, the Light, the Teachers, the Ancient Ones, the Sacred Ones, the Elements, the Truth, and all else that orgasmically is. It is pure. It is true. It exists beyond duality, and holds only eternal LOVE and appreciation for all that we are.

I share this insight into Me, and my intricate understanding of Life, so that it will be easier for you to understand how much Spirit has an impact on my daily life. Every breath is in union with Divine Source, whether I am consciously aware or not.

While slowly awakening to my earth-life this morning, I began to build a picture of what my day would be filled with. I held a vision of all that I wished to experience, and all that I wished to welcome into my day. This is a practice that I often do, before my eyes open in the morning. It allows me to get excited, focused, and clear about all that I’d like to manifest and accomplish in that day.

But this morning was different. I sensed the loving presence of Spirit with me. And in a gentle and perfect way, they shifted my focus to ask:

“Who are you?? How do you wish to interact with this world?? What is your focus??”

While my eyes were still closed, I responded to every new and insightful contemplation as if it were exactly what my SOUL had been yearning to recognize.

The first two contemplations allowed me to confidently express truths that are a natural part of my awareness. The third gave clear voice to an insight I had yet to recognize. Here’s how my soul naturally responded to each:

Who are you??

I am a clear and Divine Channel, seeking to be a clear portal for all higher energies of Light, Truth, Compassion, Healing, and Love to flow through. I am a Gatekeeper for Divine Consciousness upon this earth, opening portals of LIGHT to facilitate Awakening, reMembrance, and enLightenment for all humanity. I am ONE with all Source, Creation, and Light. I Am.

How do you wish to interact with this world??

I choose to LOVE and to be loved. I choose to INSPIRE and to be inspired. I choose to share freely, to be in gratitude, and to welcome all infinite blessings that flow. I choose to explore the yet-to-be-imagined mysteries of Life, and to dance in the extraordinary aspects of all that is and can be.

What is your focus??

To be “of” service to all who are ready for soulExpansion.

There is so much power in that single statement. To be “of” service………means that I would like to support the growth, evolution, and expansion for as many as can be….without implying that I am “in” service to them.

Being “in” service implies that some level of duty or obligation shapes my actions and efforts. It keeps me tethered to whatever sense of responsibility I’ve accepted as righteous and appropriate in that moment. It implies that the action of “service” must be a priority, even in regards to personal freedom and free-will choice.

But being “of” service implies that by BEing who I am, in as many free-flowing ways as I personally desire, I will support, inspire, and assist all who would be blessed to share an experience with me (knowing that I am being beautifully blessed by their presence as well). Spirit will make the connections, and ensure that all flows in perfect, symbiotic harmony. 

This intention opens the doors to say “Where can I be of natural benefit??”.

By just BEing Me…..I shall attract those who would receive in some beautiful way. I am asking that Spirit uses ME as a channel of support, guidance, and healing for humanity….without compromising all that is beautiful, beneficial, and inspiring to me.

Spirit has been trying to explain this to me for years, but it suddenly feels clearer than it has ever been. The teaching is now anchored into my fundamental essence of BEing. I am handing over all perceived-control more gracefully. And, I begin to creatively contemplate:

How can I share my insights, talents, and gifts to be of greater service in this great big beautiful world?? How shall I begin to approach all with a newfound appreciation for all that I share?? How can I surrender to the perfect flow of Divine BEingness??

I’m ready, Spirit!! I accept this precious call. Thank YOU for your ever-present guidance, support, and Love. Always, and in all ways.

I also encourage You, my bright brothers and sisters, to contemplate how your beautiful soul would respond. Be clear. Don’t question. Just allow.

Are you ready to lovingly accept all that You discover about your truest nature??

© Alania Starhawk 2017

3 thoughts on “BEing of Service and Light”

  1. Ah, as always, beautiful! Your statement, “By accepting that I just don’t know what I don’t know, it has allowed me to surrender…” marries one of my recent articles quite sweetly, “I don’t know”. And further, you hit on another as well, “Who Am I?”. I really enjoy the ebb and flow of this shared wavelength we’re on! Dancing in blissful energy in motion—sheila.


  2. I’m a light worker an angel truly blessed…… unconditional love I’m just glowing !💜I love your energy so happy to have seen you💜beautiful words from the heart and soul💜


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