Spirit Teachings

“Go Deeper!!”

Spirit echoes to my Soul this morning, “Go deeper!!”.

They ask me to reach beyond the current level of understanding, for all that appears to BE in my life. They ask me to be at Home in not needing to validate, verify, and analyze all that FLOWS through my awareness.

This is so that I may begin to welcome the wealth of BLESSING that exists beyond my current level of comprehension.

No matter how positive we may approach our experience each day, if there is a part of us that focuses upon a sensible and order-bound reality, we limit our experience to THAT perception of Truth.

Beyond all that we currently comprehend, there is a whole realm of infinite resource and Light to explore and know. This expansive world of unseen BEingness is ever-present. It is, whether we recognize it or not.

We often walk through life, so focused upon our own repetitive thoughts and understandings, that we don’t LISTEN to the whispers of “intimate resonance” all around us. The world is speaking to us. It wishes to support our unique experience in amazing ways.

Intimate resonance signifies that all that exists outwardly, seen and unseen, is personal and connected to us!! We can only attract that which resonates and aligns with our radiant Light. And since we often undervalue our magnificence, there is currently a whole treasure trove of WONDER to joyfully tap into.

This bountiful Wonder does not exist “out there” at some distant point in time and space. It simply lies one step beyond our current level of conscious awareness. By shifting our focus to BE OPEN to all supportive blessings that flow, we begin to welcome all positive energies with grace and ease. Without judgment, we allow and accept. Without resistance, we honor and receive.

This practice, moves us beyond our Egoic Self (the part of our awareness which seeks to control and validate) and moves us into our DIVINE PRESENCE (the part of us which eternally remembers and knows).

All that we begin to tap into, upon these higher realms, is already a part of precious Divine TRUTH. All knowledge, wisdom, and resource is already ours to embrace. And as it begins to enter back into our conscious awareness, it presents itself in a way that mirrors our current state of energetic resonance.

It supports and inspires.

It uplifts and heals.

Right now, just a step beyond our current perception, lies a whole new realm of possibility!!

For instance, is there a nurturing force that is guiding my words in this very moment?? Is that same force gently guiding each reader to these words, in perfect time?? Is that force also shaping the way each reader interprets these words, so that they become personal to them??

These are elements of life that we neglect to contemplate. If there is a great big force of Light and Life that is ever-flowing, how does it interact with us each day?? What would we discover if we began to look beyond all we’ve ever known.

Perhaps we would even discover that I, in my Divine Presence (before this incarnation), had offered to share this exact inspiration with You at this moment in time. Perhaps You and I, even though we have not yet embraced in the physical, have a soul connection that stretches through the ages.

I like that idea.

And if my SoulLight now began to recognize your SoulLight, would we respond to each other differently??

It’s all possible.

Spirit presents this teaching to me this morning because a part of my Egoic Self has been a bit more defensive and on-guard than usual. A part of my Egoic Self has been taking on responsibility for much that is superfluous and unnecessary. It has been distracting my awareness, and exhausting my energy.

By reminding me that there is an infinite flow of bountiful BLESSING surrounding me in all moments, they remind me that I am not alone.

I’m trying to control elements that need not be controlled.

Because all that exists outwardly honors and supports me, it knows how to ease each experience and perceived challenge. It knows how to balance all.

This world is supportive and safe!! It is sees me, and knows what best honors my journey in every way.

And now, that I see clearly once again, I choose “that”!!!!!

Beautiful Spirit…

I ask to be fully supported upon my journey into expansive SELF discovery!! I welcome every bright aspect of universal BEing to clear all doubt, resistance, and illusion for me. I accept every GIFT of inspiration and insight, and allow my Soul to BE at Home in the beauty that effortlessly is. I am ready to see mySelf through your eyes, and to remember my greatest Truth.

Thank YOU for all that is shared, today and all days. ♥

My heart is full.

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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