Spirit Teachings

Awakening our Natural Desires

My mind was whirling round and round, I noticed. Not to the point of being uncomfortable or stressful, this time. But clearly, distracting my focus from being clear and receptive, open and carefree.

At some level, I was trying to control the experience of living organically. 

In fact, now that I notice, I wonder how often I limit my mind’s creative field of potential. If i’m always the one talking (in theory), how can I possibly LISTEN to what is being shared from outside of my current awareness. Factually, I would only be capable of repeating that which I’ve already known. If no new element of inspiration is introduced, there can only be a recycling of past thoughts and awareness.

I’m speaking about cultivating the ultimate level of communication within our everyday awareness. I’m speaking of allowing space for my own heart’s Light to express itself freely, and space for the Light of all infinite creation to express itself within my own heart’s Light. 

Yes. I’m speaking about “plugging in” to universal source in every comfortable way.

At some point, my mind needs to quell its current mode of mish-moshed free-for-all thinking, to allow space for even higher frequencies of communication and understanding.

So I directed my attention to Spirit’s voice, this morning. I asked to see, to hear, and to receive. And they giggled. They reminded me that I am more skilled at honoring their voice, than I am at honoring my own natural voice.

It’s time to respectfully listen to my own natural voice. 

It’s time to awaken my own natural desires. 

What is it that I truly want in life?? What is it that I truly wish to know??

I thought I was clear in this. I had considered mySelf to be “on-track”.

But they giggled again.

From their point of view, I was only setting intentions and goals for what fit into the parameters of possibility and responsibility that I’ve adopted. I was still structuring my desires according to a high level of expectation and perceived limitation. According to Spirit, I had lost connection with my authentic desires and passions.

Essentially, they were implying that I was only connecting to the desires and passions that I deemed appropriate and acceptable in any given moment. 

They asked me to begin small. They asked me to focus on what I authentically wished to experience in the next few hours. I instantly named a few things that make me happy.

Guess what they did??

They laughed. Again.

Through their giggle, they explained that I didn’t even make space to feel or sense my response. I instantly accepted my mind’s concept of “desirable” as an authentic expression of my heart’s Light. There was no space for an organic expression of current truth.

They’re right!! I did that. I instantly repeated my go-to patterns of “fun” without listening to any instinctual voice within. 

Since that moment, I’ve been making great efforts to not busy my mind with lots of partial and biased assumptions. I’ve been making great efforts to honestly listen to my heart, without attachment to what it implies.

My current mantra is:

“I am radiant witness to my own Soul’s inherent truth.”

And as I hold this mantra close to my heart, I become newly acquainted with my inner-most voice.

This exercise is actually creating a greater state of appreciation for the elements of my Life that inspire me. It’s placing my point of power back within, and opening doors of potential for me, in new ways.

No longer need I “do” for the benefit of achieving or accomplishing. That would be feeding a paradigm of assumption and order. 

My heart is a valuable source of inspiration, wisdom, and truth. It will always know what is best for me, in all shifting moments. 

So this is where I stand now. I’m listening.

Do you know what I’ve discovered?? That I’m exhausted. (((Smile)))

I’ve had a huge burst of energy these last two weeks. But I now sense that it was because I was uncomfortable with the quiet in my mind. It was my response to all the stress I was processing a few weeks ago.

It has all caught up with me.

My heart now tells me that sleep, rest, and self-care are the greatest gifts I can honor mySelf with today. 

It’s time to recharge, to prepare me for the BEAUTY that approaches.

And do you know what I now notice?? If there is no greater place that I “need” to be, I can actually allow the self-care to be sincere and deep. I can allow mySelf to receive.

What is your own heart’s Light wishing to convey?? 

Listen carefully. Only YOU can be the one to honor its radiant voice.

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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