Giving Voice to Anger

What a complicated emotion Anger is. It’s at the core of every passive-aggressive communication, and so many limiting traits, patterns, and beliefs. If we don’t find a way to give it voice and express itself in a healthy way, it will always find a way to control our thoughts and behaviors.

Until we face it and clear it, it remains. At some level, in some way, it remains. No matter how pretty we try to make it, it remains. 

Anger engages response from every neuron in our body. If not balanced, it becomes bold, and covets greater and greater measures of our precious energy to feed it. It distracts us from clear thought, and can easily consume us in its embrace.

This is why some have lost themselves to this emotion. They allow the anger and rage to direct their thoughts, actions, and choices. They see themselves as a victim, and feel a great need to defend themselves, in all moments. What they don’t realize, is that the anger IS what is causing them to feel unsafe.

Factually, in order for us to resonate with this emotion, we must identify with feeling disrespected, under-valued, mistreated, abused, or betrayed in some way. It couldn’t enter into our consciousness, if we were perfectly comfortable with our experience.

Anger is designed to give voice to our perception of injustice. It’s a healthy expression in this dense reality, when we learn to feel it without surrendering to it.

Being challenged by life’s circumstances brings us opportunity to reclaim our personal power, and to rise above the perception of victimhood and insecurity. Anger gives voice to our body and soul’s discomfort in these situations, but it does not separate us from the ultimate truth. Beyond the perception of injustice and challenge, eternal love and support remains.

When we are tired of participating in struggle and conflict, we will gracefully choose Peace. We will have explored every nuance of Anger, and what it invokes, and we will confidently free ourselves from the bounds of it’s imprisoning yoke.

It’s important to authentically feel it, without losing ourselves to it.

We can not skip this step!! We can not arise triumphant if we deny it in any way. It will still remain, hidden away at some unseen level of BEing, shaping our thoughts, actions, and choices still.

This is the aspect I am becoming more aware of recently. Some of us are so incredibly sensitive to conflict, disorder, and rage, that we deny all attachment to it. We paint pretty pictures to distract us from processing all heavier emotions, and do a really great job at disguising all of our disappointment and pain.

We do this in effort to escape the hold that Anger and its cohorts of Shame, Blame, and Fear can impose upon us. But really, if we’re afraid to feel what is real in any single moment, we are giving it power over us!! We are believing that we will be less than beautiful, safe, and loved if we sink into that frequency.

We all bear wounds from past experiences. But these wounds won’t HEAL until we release attachment to what originally created them. We must find a way to gracefully give voice to the Anger, Blame, Shame, and Pain that we know. For it is through the uncomfortable flames of its expression, that we will be released from that moment of purposeful experience.

Clearly said, every time we become lost in the emotion or we deny the emotion, we block the natural evolution of experience. We must complete the cycle of experience to be free from its personal attachment and identity.

We must learn to candidly feel, without judgment or fear.

Be honest.

Be real. 

If you’re feeling it, you have the right to feel it.

It won’t change who you are.

It’s just a moment of experience.

Allow yourself to feel.

This is a passionate lesson for me now, as I recognize that much of the sadness and self-doubt I’ve known this year, has all arisen from years of unexpressed anger. This silent fury is at the core of every physical discomfort in my body and every overwhelming thought in my mind.

I can not be free from its embrace until I give myself permission to be authentic and real, regardless of what emerges. 

And please remember, this is a personal experience. No other needs to be the target of my anguish, in the physical. Growth comes to us when we feel it and give it voice, not when we attract an audience and prove that we can express ourselves freely.

Giving voice to our truth can be a deeply intimate experience.

Allow yourself to feel.

You are worthy of that honor. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2017


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    > Alania Starhawk posted: “What a complicated emotion Anger is. It’s at the > core of every passive-aggressive communication, and so many limiting > traits, patterns, and beliefs. If we don’t find a way to give it voice and > express itself in a healthy way, it will always find a way to ” >

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